Passion in romantic relationships varies over time, but this does not mean that you should resign yourself and give up pleasure. Discover how to renew your desire and enjoy sex with your partner.

Each person and each couple experiences sexuality in a different way . However, in most cases this is a very relevant aspect. When the relationship goes through difficult times, sex life suffers, just as dissatisfaction is likely to appear if intimacy is neglected. That is why we want to offer you some tips to renew your pleasure.

You’ve probably heard that, as time goes by, passion diminishes. Affective bonds evolve and few couples maintain the same frequency of sexual activity over the years as at the beginning of the relationship.

However, this does not mean that you have to resign yourself or give up pleasure. Your life as a couple can continue to be fully satisfactory. Do you want to find out how to achieve it? We bring you some ideas.

Why is it important to renew pleasure?

According to Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, this feeling is made up of three components: intimacy, commitment, and passion. The latter predominates in the initial stages of the relationship and may gradually lose relevance in favor of the other elements.

However, if it is completely extinguished, the bond becomes what is called a social love. It may work for some couples, but creates great frustration and dissatisfaction for others.

Let’s not forget that sex in an emotional relationship is much more than a mere physical act; it is a space for connection, exchange and mutual dedication. Experiencing pleasure as a couple strengthens the bond and improves the well-being and self-esteem of both members.

Maintaining pleasure in your partner is a way to avoid frustrations and reduce dissatisfaction.

How to renew pleasure as a couple?

It is important to emphasize that when we talk about sexuality, there are no standards to which to abide. For each couple, the ideal frequency with which to have sex may be different . In addition, as we have commented, it is normal for this to vary as the link evolves.

However, when these changes cause conflict, the time has come for dialogue and action to renew pleasure. You will see that it is not as complicated as you think.

  1. Take charge of your own pleasure

It is clear that when having sex with another person it is essential to be generous, considerate and ensure that the other enjoys the experience. However, it is also important to take charge of our own pleasure ; that is, not delegating responsibility for our enjoyment to the other.

Each person has to know himself, his body, his tastes and preferences to be able to transmit them to his partner or sexual partner. In the same way, it is possible that there are limitations of our own that do not allow us to go to the meeting with the best disposition. For example, taboos or erroneous beliefs about sex or feelings of insecurity with our physical image.

When the above elements are worked on, the person is much more capable of enjoying and getting involved. Therefore, we invite you to analyze if some of these aspects are present in your case, instead of assuming that your partner simply cannot satisfy you.

  1. Communicate

Although it may not seem like it, communication can be the key to reigniting the flame of passion in the couple. Express yourself, explain to the other what you want, what you like, what you want to experience.

Don’t be afraid to take the initiative, show your desire, or share your fantasies. By doing so, your partner will probably feel incentivized and motivated.

On the other hand, remember that words can be great activators of desire. We do not always convey to our partner how much we like, how much attraction it generates or how much we enjoy maintaining relationships. However, receiving these kinds of positive reinforcement can be exhilarating . Try it!

  1. Innovate

It is common that, over the years, many couples settle into a sexual routine that can be monotonous and even boring. And it is that, when sexual relations become predictable and always follow the same dynamics, interest and motivation are reduced.

Sometimes it is enough to change locations, try new poses, or explore different practices and preliminaries. But it is also possible to introduce sex toys that can increase the excitement and make the experience something different.

Massages, role-playing games, lubricants, lingerie, essential oils, couple masturbation . Any small change or new element introduced can make a difference. Let your imagination fly!

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  1. Avoid routine

The routine does not only consist of always following the same sexual practices or choosing the same locations; For many couples, even the days spent having relationships are pre-arranged. This may seem necessary when personal, work and family obligations leave little free time; however, predictability is one of the greatest enemies of passion .

For this reason, it is important to allow spontaneity and get more in touch with your own desires and feelings as they occur. Don’t wait for the night or the weekend to be intimate with your partner; don’t wait to be in the bedroom; getting carried away can be fun and exciting.

Adrenaline is a great ally when it comes to renewing pleasure.

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  1. Take time to cultivate desire

Finally, it is essential to remember that the desire has to be worked on . Many people expect it to come naturally and stay at the same levels despite daily stress, frustration, and monotony. The reality is that desire has to be cultivated and this requires time and dedication.

If you always consider having relationships with your partner when you go to sleep, when you are both exhausted and sleepy, the experience is probably not the most rewarding. The same is true if the encounter is approached in a hurry. It is important that you get used to spending time alone to build and reinforce intimacy, talking, giving space to caresses and complicity.

Turn off the television and decide to enjoy your partner, his presence and his company. Treasure these moments and make sure they happen frequently. This will naturally give the desire time and space to emerge and express itself.

Desire is built and worked over time. It is not something that always has to appear naturally.

Renewing pleasure is positive

Some people may feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed at the thought of having to renew pleasure in their partner. They may perceive that this has the negative connotation that something is wrong, that the relationship is in jeopardy, or that they are failing.

Quite the opposite . It is natural for passion and desire to vary and being aware of this is what will help you re-energize the relationship.

If you approach this objective together, with an optimistic and fun look, you will soon be able to see how your satisfaction (not only sexual, but with your partner in general) increases notably.

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