Amazon France discounts iPhone 11 models up to €165

Amazon France – the retailer is offering up to €165 off via coupons for the iPhone 11 family. The actual value of the coupons varies by model, but it’s usually 10% off.

The 512GB version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max gets a €165.90 coupon, but only for the Space Gray color option. The 64GB model in Gold and Midnight Green is €125.90 off. Have a closer look at Amazon.

The smaller iPhone 11 Pro 512GB is €155.90 off, assuming you grab a Silver or Space Gray phone. At 64GB, you’re looking at a €115.90 discount for the Space Gray and Gold colors. Here’s the link.

As the most affordable of the three, the iPhone 11 gets the smallest discount – up to €97.90 if you’re looking at a 256GB phone in Black. The Purple model bucks the trend and is only €77,90 off (that’s less than 10%). Phones with 64GB storage get €80.90 off if painted in White, Green and (Product) Red colors. Have a look  Amazon here.

Note that the middle storage option (256GB on the Pro models and 128GB on the base iPhone 11) also has discounts. Again, only specific color options participate in the promo. The coupon’s value will be subtracted from the total at checkout.

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