How to send crypto currency exchange from another wallet to your own

Some crypto trades find it difficult to fund their account with cryptocurrency.

This article is meant to guide many how to send cryptocurrency to their Coinbase wallet Sending cryptocurrency from another exchange or hardware wallet is very easy with the right step.

Below are necessary step;

1. Open the trading view at or any website you trust.

After that on the left-hand column under Wallet Balance,

2. Tap on the Deposit button
In the Currency Type field, select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit.

Note: you are only meant to send supported currencies to Coinbase.

3. Copy the account address shown. The address will be permanently associated with the account you making use with.

4 Open the external wallet you want to send from.

5. Input the unique address associated with the exact cryptocurrency you want to send, then select the send button.

Deposits are available on the Pro mobile app by going to the Portfolios page and tapping the Deposit button in the top right-hand corner.

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