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All the details about specialists and their recruitment.All available companions fall into two categories. The first category includes ordinary mercenaries and they are ordinary specialists. During the game, you will meet many NPCs that you can take to the squad.

You can take three mercenaries into your squad. Each of them has two unique skills, and they become available after they have killed a certain number of enemies. You can keep such a partner in the game until the end of the game, or you can say goodbye to the mercenary if you no longer need him.

The second group is specialists. These are unique companions and there are only nine of them in the game. Each of the specialists has unique equipment (sometimes even a vehicle) and unique skills. Jess Black, for example, uses a bow, and opponents find her with difficulty and, moreover, wild animals do not touch her.

I advise you to always choose specialists depending on the situation and the type of mission. Jess is ideal for hidden missions, but if you want to shoot, then I advise you to call Nick Rai, since he has a plane and can undermine selected targets.

By default, you can travel with one specialist or mercenary, but you can increase the limit to two partners after you upgrade the Leadership skill (cost: 6 points). After that, you can take two partners with you. Depending on your needs and preferences, these can be two identical mercenaries (for example, experienced trackers) or different (for example, one fights on the ground and the other supports from the air).

Specialists and mercenaries are not immortal. If they take serious damage, they will disappear for a while. There are two things you can do to avoid this:

  • Reviving a partner. This is the best option. Do not only do this if your partner is lying near a place where you can be easily killed. For example, next to a machine gun nest or near snipers.
  • You can let your companion die. After that, he will become unavailable for a call for some time. In such a situation, it is better to choose another ally from the list. You can reduce the time spent licking the wounds of a killed partner by purchasing perks in the “Leader” category. Unfortunately, skills are bought for each specialist separately, so I advise you to buy skills only for those specialists with whom you often travel.

Boomer (dog, scout)

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Boomer is the first specialist in Far Cry 5. This is the easiest specialist to recruit. Boomer comes in handy when infiltrating enemy bases because it marks enemies (an alternative to binoculars). Boomer becomes useless after you recruit Peach (Cougar) at the end of the game.

To recruit Boomer, go to the farm and complete a short story mission. To complete the mission, you need to eliminate a small group of enemies and free the dog. Pet the dog and kill the arriving enemies. After that, Boomer will appear in the list of available specialists.

Nick Rye (human, pilot)

Nick Rye is the second specialist in the game. To recruit him, you will have to go through a large story mission. Nick Rye is very helpful as he can provide air support. Thanks to his abilities, you will be able to arrange bombing and eliminate enemy aircraft.

To recruit Nick, you need to arrive at his hangar. Once on the spot, kill the enemies and talk to Nick. He will give you a story mission in which you need to steal Nick’s plane from enemies. To complete the mission, you need to visit one of the outposts, kill all the enemies there and get on the plane. At the end of the mission, you need to get the plane back and kill all the enemies on the runway.

Grace Armstrong (human, sniper)

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Grace Armstrong is the third game specialist. You can hire her after defending the church. Grace perfectly shoots enemies at long distances. She knows her rifle and her job very well, so you can rely on her in tough situations.

Once on the territory of the church, kill all enemies and talk to Grace, who is at the top of the church. You will receive a story mission in which you need to protect Grace and the church. After completing the mission, Grace will join the roster of specialists.

Cheeseburger (bear, tank)

Cheeseburger is the fourth game specialist. You can find the bear after capturing one of the outposts. Cheeseburger is a very useful companion capable of distracting the attention of enemies to itself and quickly eliminating them. However, you must provide fire support to keep the bear from dying on the battlefield.

To access bear recruitment, you need to capture a nature reserve in the mountains. Then talk to Wade for a recruiting bear story mission. To complete the mission, you need to catch fresh fish, find a bear and use the fish to tame. After the destruction of a group of arrived enemies, Cheeseburger will be on your list of specialists.

Herk Drubman Jr. (Human, RPG)

Herk Drubman Jr. is the fifth Specialist in this game. You will be able to hire him without any problems after completing one storyline. Herk uses RPGs to destroy cars and planes. I advise you to take him on missions in which you have to fight against enemy military equipment.

To recruit Hurk, you need to visit Fort Drubman in the Whitetail Mountains. Fort Drubman – Ranno, owned by Drubman Sr. and it is from him that you get the mission “Prodigal Son”. Herk will accompany you on this mission. The goal of the mission is the elder Herk’s jeep, which you need to drive back to the fort. After completing this mission, Herk will appear in the list of available specialists.

Jess Black (human, hunter)

Jess Black is the sixth specialist in the game. To recruit her, you need to go through a couple of story missions in which she will be the main link. Jess Black is the perfect specialist for stealth missions. The girl can quickly destroy her enemies with a bow, and they hardly see her. In addition, wild animals do not touch her.

To recruit her, you need to visit a sawmill in the Whitetail Mountains. There will be an enemy outpost that you need to repulse.

After freeing the sawmill, find Jess and help her. In this mission you need to rescue the hostages and kill a strong enemy. Jess will help you with that. After completing the task, Jess Black will be on the list of available specialists.

Peach (mountain lion, stealth)

Peach is the seventh Specialist in the game. This animal is very easy to recruit. To do this, you will have to complete one story mission in the region of Faith. Peach is the perfect specialist for stealth missions. Mountain Lion sneaks and attacks much more effectively than Jess Black, but I would not recommend sending him against a group of enemies, because he specializes in single targets.

You need to visit a taxidermist shop. The old woman will give you a task in which you need to find a mountain lion and bring him back. Grab the bait and go to the mark. Use bait to lure the cat into the crate and cover it up. After talking with the old woman and completing the mission, Peach will be on your list of specialists.

“Shark” Boshaw (Human, Heavy Flamethrower)

“Shark” Boshaw is the eighth specialist in the game. It is very easy to recruit this character as you only need to complete one mission. Shark uses a flamethrower, making it ideal for missions where you don’t need to hide from enemies. He can set fire to enemies and cars, and he also has increased resistance to explosions.

To recruit Boshaw, you need to head to the park north of the Hope County Jail. After that, you need to talk to Boshaw and then kill all enemies and turn off the switches. Upon completion of the Shark mission, Boshaw will join your roster of specialists.

Adelaide Drubman (human, pilot)

Adelaide Drubman is the ninth and final specialist in the game. You will be able to hire Adelaide after completing the story mission. Adelaide is somewhat similar to Nick Rye. Use it to destroy enemies, vehicles or enemy helicopters. Keep in mind that her helicopter is not as powerful as Nick’s plane.

To recruit Adelaide Drubman, you need to visit Drubman Cove and recapture it from the enemies. After that, you need to talk to Adelaide and take a mission from her. In this mission you need to kill the pilot and take the Adelaide helicopter from him. In gratitude for the service rendered, Adelaide will join the list of specialists.

Which specialists to choose?

Unlock the Leadership skill as soon as possible to access two specialists at once. Below you will see a list of people who will be useful to you in a particular industry:

  • If you like stealth, then take Jess Black or Peach. If any of them are out of the game, then choose Grace Armstrong.
  • Hank Drubman Jr., “Shark” Boshaw or Adelaide Drubman are great for open conflicts. As a second specialist, you can choose Cheeseburger. The bear will distract enemies during missions in which you need to protect yourself or a certain point.
  • If you know that there will be enemy planes or helicopters in the mission, then it is best to take Nick Raya, who will distract and shoot them down. You can also choose Adelaide Drubman, as she can easily destroy enemy helicopters

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