GBWhatsApp: WhatsApp MOD version MOD APK 8.25 (Anti-Ban)

GBWhatsApp latest version

GBWhatsApp APK works as a WhatsApp MOD version with lots of extra features. This great application allows you to use two WhatsApp apps on the same Android device. You can use two different phone numbers on devices with two sim cards. With this application, users can easily chat, exchange jobs or send memes to friends.

Developed by a third party, this application is being trusted and used by millions worldwide. This application cannot be found on Google Play because there are many unofficial features, you can download and use it easily by downloading our APK file below. But first, find out why GBWhatsApp is so popular and the differences between this application and the original version.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, developed by Team GB. This needs to be clarified. This is a completely standalone application not developed by WhatsApp Inc, so there are quite a few users questioning its legality and security. In fact, this application only modifies some features but still use the same server with WhatsApp normal. You can use it and contact to WhatsApp users. This application runs as a MOD version and fixes many problems that people may encounter when using the original application.

The interface of this app is exactly the same as WhatsApp, but it has many additional features for you. The features that this app offers are far beyond the normal WhatsApp. It gives you a great fun experience when chatting with friends. There are more funny emoticons to send to friends and family.

Features of GBWhatsApp

Hide online status

One annoying thing about using WhatsApp is that this app always keeps you online when your device is connected to the internet. Sometimes, we feel tired and do not want to contact or talk to anyone. Those are the times when you need to be alone and have your own space. But the fact that you continually receive calls or messages can lead to negative and unpleasant emotions. To overcome this situation, there is no other way, you must disconnect the internet. And of course, you can’t do anything else like playing games or watching YouTube videos.

That great, GBWhatsApp gives you a perfect solution. With Do Not Disturb mode, you can set your account in offline mode while still connected to the internet. In addition, this app also helps you hide yourself while composing messages, viewing status, blue microphones, … Watch movies, listen to music, play games while not being bothered by messages and conversations. Sometimes, taking a break and escaping from the world for a day is not something too bad.

Easy to use beside WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is not an extension of WhatsApp. This is a completely independent application with extremely superior features compared to the original version. Now you can install and use two WhatsApp apps on the same Android device without any system problems. The application does not require root access. It is extremely suitable for devices with two sim cards. Just verify your phone number via SMS and you can easily use this application in parallel with the original application.

Send bigger media file

WhatsApp limits users to only send up to 10 images and 16mb each video at a time. Meanwhile, this number is 90 images and 30mb each video when you use GBWhatsApp. This is one of the main features that make this application trusted and used by so many people. Enjoy the fun moments with friends, share the best selfie images. If you have a funny video about your pet, share it with your colleagues.

See old messages

If one day you want to review your first messages and your girlfriend, what you need to do is roll and swipe for a few hours. You can blame yourself for why you text so much. Don’t worry. With GBWhatsApp, just a simple touch, the app will take you back to the first message in less than 1 second. In addition, this application is developing a feature that allows users to manage their messages on different days or months. For private messages that you don’t want others to see, use the password lock feature.

More app theme

If you feel that the interface and theme of WhatsApp are too monotonous and boring, GBWhatsApp helps conversations become more artistic. This application has more than 700 themes including 17 sticks and 13 bubbles, you can easily install and customize with available XML files. Choose themes and colors that match your style.

Moreover, this application also provides a feature that allows you to change colors, sizes, fonts in the message section. Sometimes, you have interesting stories and want to share it for everyone. Post it on the status section. With GBWhatsApp, you can create a status with a maximum length of 256 characters instead of 139 of the original version. With more funny emoticons, your stories and everyone become more impressive and engaging. Besides, the application will send you a notification whenever someone in your friend list changes your avatar or updates new status.

Download GBWhatsApp: WhatsApp MOD version MOD APK 8.25

Other features of GBWhatsApp

  • Anti-ban feature.
  • Call support.
  • Hide your last “Seen”.
  • Theme MOD.
  • Ticks and bubbles MOD.
  • Access statistics of groups.
  • Preview multimedia files without downloading.
  • Upload a video of 30MB size (instead of 16MB).
  • Upload and send 90 images at once (instead of 10).
  • Create a status of 250 characters (instead of 139 characters).
  • Click on the links on the chat screen but do not save the sender.
  • Distinguish between normal messages and broadcast messages.
  • Hide names and dates when copying messages.
  • Copy the status of friends.
  • Change application icon.

GBWhatsApp FAQs

What is the requirement when using GBWhatsApp?

You need an Android device version 4.0+, a phone number can be used and make sure your device is connected to the internet.

How to download and install GBWhatsApp?

You cannot find GBWhatsApp on Google Play. Download GBWhatsApp APK latest version via the link below this article and install it like any other normal application. Don’t forget to enable unknown source installation capability in Setting.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp on my device?

Absolutely safe. This application only modifies some features but still use the same server with original WhatsApp.

How to backup and restore conversations from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

Before removing WhatsApp, you need to save WhatsApp data to your Google account. Then, when installing GBWhatsApp, the application will ask you to restore. Click “Continue” and wait for the application to back up your data.

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