e-Oracle is an educated global community using a proprietary and innovative decentralised platform to access a highly vetted pipeline of blockchain startups, The e-Oracle Use Case. The e-Oracle User is sharing in a unique wealth building model that exponentially distributes knowledge and wealth. Our 5+ Million plus e-Oracle Users is the Unicorn and our model our USP.

e-Oracle’s primary business function is providing the framework to incubate and accelerate the “best of bread” blockchain startup projects, and with success of this function, our e-Oracle Users participate in wealth generation directly from our DEFI, Yield Farming and Lending Ecosystem.


How to activate my account?

Before activation you must have funds in your E-Oracle crypto wallet account or in EPT in Master Wallet (see how to deposit funds here).

STEP 1: Go to the dashboard an click on the “Buy” button.


STEP 2: After that you can choose the package that you want to buy.

STEP 3: Click on the “Purchase Now” Button.


STEP 4: Now click on “Proceed to Pay” from the wallet where you have the funds.


What are the available packages

There are 3 packages available.

  • Package “A”  $89  –   Staking package  ( Bifurcation is  50$  +  20$ in staking  + 19$ worth liqid ECN)
  • Package “B”  $127 – Basic Masternode Mining Smart Contract (BMMSC)
  • Package “C”  $239 – Pro Masternode Mining Smart Contract (PMMSC)

For inquiries and guide on how to join ESPN(e-oracle), call/whatsapp: +2348137251717

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