How to clean an apartment if you only have one hour

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With a clear plan and simple rules, you can clean up your living room in 15 minutes and the bathroom in just nine.

Imagine: you have a long-awaited day off, you are happily lying on the couch and watching your favorite TV series, when suddenly your friends call you and say that they will be with you very soon. You look around the apartment – a pile of things on the living room table, dishes in the kitchen sink. And you planned to put things in order only tomorrow.

Don’t panic. Cleaning company manager Andre Lewis believes that the right plan, agility and cleaning every room in one go is the key to effective, and most importantly, fast cleaning.

It’s worth starting with the bedroom, and then tackling the bathroom, kitchen and living room. And in less than an hour your apartment will be shining clean.

Bedroom: 10 minutes

Take things apart and dispose of trash

Place stale bedding in a basket. Remove unnecessary items from the table and bedside tables in the nearest drawer – they can be disassembled and placed in their places a little later. Imagine yourself as a maid in a hotel: you need to remove unnecessary items from surfaces to make the room look neater. Take out the trash at the end.

Make the bed

By the way, a little advice from the maids. Instead of going around the bed on all sides tucking the sheet under the mattress and taking 15 minutes to do this, lift each corner of the mattress with one hand and tuck the sheet under it with the other. It’s much faster this way.

Dust off

Start wiping furniture in one part of the room and continue clockwise. Walk along each surface, moving forward from the far corners, picking things up on shelves and tables. Use a dry microfiber cloth and don’t be afraid to brush the dust directly onto the floor – you will soon be removing it.

Try to make single movements, and not rub with a rag on the same shelf back and forth. If you have a lamp on your bedside table, first wipe it from top to bottom, and then the table itself. Use a long-handled dust broom to thoroughly clean mirrors, paintings or photographs on the walls.


It’s time to clean up the dust. Move with the vacuum cleaner from the far corner of the bedroom to the door. Save time by vacuuming each strip of carpet only once with firm, long strokes.

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