In this article, we will guide you through how you can open your very own personalized UAE PayPal account that you can use to send and receive cash from anywhere in the world for you to replace the South Paypal account.

Just like South Africa Paypal, you don’t need any VPN to access UAE PayPal Account, you are good to go with your Nigeria IP Address, you can easily verify your account with your Nigeria Identity Card and debit (ATM) card. The most interesting part, there is a means for you to withdraw to your local bank account!

Follow these simple steps below to open a UAE verified PayPal account:

1. Open your browser on any available device, go to and click on the Sign-Up.

2. Select the Business Account and tap Continue.

Paypal Uae Business Option

3. On the next page, kindly leave the country to the United Arab Emirates.

4. Once done, put your email address. (Do not use the email attached to other PayPal account, or simply create a fresh email account).

5. On the next page, you are to fill your information, kindly fill it correctly as instructed. See screenshot below of how I did mine:

Paypal Uae Signup Detail

Phone number: Change the country code +234 which is for Nigeria and enter your Nigeria number by removing the first 0. For example, +234 706470****.

Postal code: 18004

Additional information: Abu Hail
City: Abu

6. They will ask you to tell them about your business, you can choose Individual/Sole Proprietorship and on the business subcategory, select anyone that matches your business and click Continue.


7. On the next page, choose National ID or Driver’s license, Passport, and provide your ID number, or you can generate fake ID on Google (If you don’t have any). Then, enter your real date of birth.

Paypal Uae Personal Info

8. You have successfully created your UAE PayPal account.

Paypal Uae Homepage

9. Verify your PayPal email address by going to your email inbox and follow the link PayPal sent to you to confirm verification.

Paypal Uae Email Confirmation

Now, you are done with the sign-up process!

How to Link Your Naira or Dollar Debit Cards to Your UAE PayPal Account

1. Make sure that you have some funds in your Debit Card, up to N800, or $2 in your dom account.

2. Log in to your Paypal account, drag the pointer to the right hand of your homepage or dashboard and hover it on the “spanner” icon, then tap on Account Setting or on Confirm your account as it may appear (Remember that you don’t need any VPN to log in).

Paypal Uae Link A Card

3. From the drop-down menu, click on money, banks and cards, then tap on Link a credit card

4. Type the sixteen digits of your card numbers

5. Select the card type

6. Enter the expiry date of the card in the next text box

7. Type your CVV (CSC) number. This 3-digit number on the back of your card

8. You should see your billing address there automatically and if not, enter it.

9. Click Link Card and you are done.

Note: Do not use the debit card that was already associated with another PayPal account. Also, PayPal will charge the card N381.08 to make sure it’s your PayPal, but don’t worry your money will refund within 24 hours.

How To Withdraw Money From UAE PayPal Account

This is possible by Adding Bank Account Number and Routing Number Given to You by Payoneer.

Before we continue, I hope you have got a Payoneer account or else visit and create your Payoneer account. You will be given a US Payment Service Information such as Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Type. Payoneer comes as an angel in disguise to help you receive money from any part of the globe when other techniques fail. And guess what, you don’t have to pay a single extra penny for that.

Linking your Payoneer account with PayPal is another way of verifying your Paypal account. To verify and Link your Payoneer account with PayPal, follow the instruction below:

1. Login to your UAE PayPal account

2. Drag the pointer to the right hand of your homepage or dashboard and hover it on the “spanner” icon, then tap on Account Setting or on Confirm your account as it may appear.


3. From the drop-down menu, click on money, banks and cards, then choose Link a bank

4. Scroll down and click on Link a U.S Bank Instead


5. Select Checking as your account type.

6. Enter the Bank details that you had received from Payoneer US Payment Service, like Account number and Routing number. (You can also get this info by login to your Payoneer account, from the home page, click ‘Global Payment Service‘. You will see the needed detail there).


7. Then click on the ‘Link your Bank‘ button. This may take 2-3 business days to get processed.

Once you are able to do this correctly, your Payoneer account becomes linked and verified with UAE PayPal! You will need to wait for a while before PayPal will charge Payoneer a little confirmation fee, this is usually done twice, unlike the card method.

Once your account has been charged successfully, you will be able to transfer the money paid into your PayPal to the US bank, which you added and you can withdraw it in your local bank or through ATM with the Payoneer Card issued to you.

That is all for now.

If you have any questions, kindly ask in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this information with friends and everyone around you using the share buttons.

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