How to edit a Reel of your Instagram drafts?

If you like to plan and edit your publications so that they are quality products, you must be aware that you have to invest time for the small details. The advantage of Instagram is that it provides you with a series of tools to give your content distinction. If you want to learn how to edit a Reel from scratch , you are in the right place.

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  1. How can you access the drafts of your Reels?
  2. What to do to edit your saved Reels from the photographic roll?
  3. How to download a Reel of your drafts without publishing it?
  4. Once your Reel is finished, what is the process to publish it?

How can you access the drafts of your Reels?

The short video craze was driven by TikTok and gained a spot on Instagram. Although there is a lot of controversy around which application is the best in this field, the truth is that each one has its own users who generate a lot of content on a daily basis.

Although for some it still seems incredible how much can be done in a few seconds, the truth is that the limit in the content is the imagination of each creator. In addition, Instagram has a series of editing functions that give your material a unique touch . You can make changes to your videos , from the cover to the speed you want the publication to have.

Before recording your video you must learn to handle this function, so you can get the most out of each of them. When you see the end result, you will notice that whatever component you add does not appear harsh, but rather flow, such as music, speed, effects and alignment. The latter allows you to reel multiple video shots with a smooth transition between them.

If you have already made a recording but have not finished editing it, you can save it to continue later , this information is stored in the drafts. When you are ready to dedicate yourself to finishing the arrangements of your content, you should go to your profile and look in the Reels videos for the drafts section. If you have more than one draft, locate the one that interests you at the moment.

What to do to edit your saved Reels from the photographic roll?

If you want to edit a saved reel , you just have to locate it in the Reels drafts section. Once you have it on the screen you must press the edit tab and you can start by changing the cover that identifies it. You can also add audio and music, in this part you can choose from a soundtrack to a piece of your choice.

Among the editing elements you can set the speed of the audio or video by speeding up or slowing down the entire piece or portion that you want to highlight. Regarding the effects and filters that you can add to the recording, Instagram does not skimp on the variety, so you have a diversity of effects that range from the most classic to those that are in trend.

In addition to using alignment to group multiple shorts into a single recording, you can also start the countdown that allows you to use it as hands-free mode. Once you’re done, you can use the preview option to view the result before publishing it, so that if you don’t like it, you can delete it .

How to download a Reel of your drafts without publishing it?

Reels are the newest form of entertainment on Instagram , with it you can entertain and be entertained with short and funny videos. If you are not aware, you can spend many hours watching the videos because they do not repeat themselves.

Reels stand out for showing skills or moments that you haven’t posted before. If your account is public and your recording is fantastic, then it can be seen by many people until it becomes viral, but if you have a private account it will only be seen by your followers.

If you have made a recording that you liked but then don’t want to share, there is no problem. Instagram allows you to download it to your mobile device without having to publish it, you just have to click on the download section to save it on your phone and click back until you return to Instagram.

Once your Reel is finished, what is the process to publish it?

If you want to share your recording with your followers, you can publish it in the application, you just have to perform a few simple steps. First, you must enter your profile and locate the Reels section, in it you will find the published videos and the drafts.

If you already have a draft ready, you must locate it and press the Share button. Once this is done, the video will go to the published section and you will be able to see it on the platform.

If you are going to make several Reels, it is good that you bear in mind that as any artist looks for inspiration in others to create their works, you must also feed your ideas with the latest trends , not only to be fashionable but so that your creativity is not run out. However, always remember that originality is what should stand out.

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