How to fix your Outlook app on Android

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Outlook, like Gmail, also has a mobile application. These types of applications allow everyone to see their received, sent and draft emails. That is why if the application suddenly starts to crash, it is important to repair the problem immediately to be able to use all the mail services again.

If the Outlook app on your mobile has started to close by itself, you have to pay attention to this summary so that you can learn how to solve the problem . In the following, we will show why the Outlook app stops on its own and also how to fix the app-only shutdown.

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  1. Why does Outlook stop only on your Android cell phone?
    1. WebView problems
    2. Update error
  2. What is the fastest way to fix Outlook on your Android device?
    1. Uninstall WebView updates
    2. Uninstall the app and reinstall it
    3. Clear the cache and force it to stop
    4. Update Outlook
    5. Check if it’s a storage problem
    6. Close background apps
    7. Update your mobile operating system
    8. Format your device

Why does Outlook stop only on your Android cell phone?

Outlook can only shut down for at least two reasons. An error with the last update of the application or else due to a problem with the WebView . So that you know how to solve the fault it is important that you know why it is being presented on your device.

WebView problems

The WebView is an internal Android application that helps other applications to synchronize the processes with the official website of the platform. If the WebView of your mobile has started to fail, it is normal for the Outlook application to also start to fail. Because many of the Outlook processes connect to the platform’s web.

It should be noted that while the problem with the Outlook application continues, you can open your mail in the browser and change it to its classic version . In this way everything will be almost the same as using the Outlook mobile application.

Update error

In case you recently downloaded an Outlook update, maybe the problem is related to it. Outlook has failed in the past, and the same can happen today. As long as you don’t fix the Outlook-only shutdown failure, you can choose to log into Outlook from your browser to view the emails you’ve received.

What is the fastest way to fix Outlook on your Android device?

There is no glitch in an application that cannot be fixed. However, some failures are extremely time consuming because the exact problem is not known. However, that is why we have decided to show you all the things to try to see if the problem of closing only in Outlook is solved.

Uninstall WebView updates

The first thing you should do is go to the settings of your mobile phone, place the word ‘WebView’ in the search, locate the application, press it and in its properties proceed to uninstall each of the downloaded updates . With this, you will be using an older version of the app, but it will not generate more problems in other applications such as Outlook for example.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it

After trying the aforementioned and not obtaining beneficial results, you will have to go on to try to uninstall the Outlook application . To do this, enter the mobile settings, place the word ‘Outlook’ in the search engine, locate the application, press it to see its details and click on ‘Uninstall’.

Once the uninstallation is complete, enter the Play Store, search for the Outlook application and download the app again in its latest version. This is one of the ways to fix the problem.

Clear the cache and force it to stop

Before trying to uninstall and reinstall the Outlook application on your device, you have to try to clear the cache from its memory or else force it to stop. When you want to do this, go to the mobile settings, in the settings finder put the word ‘Outlook’, locate the application, press it to see its properties and look for the options ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Force stop’.

Once you locate both options, first click the one that says ‘ Clear cache ‘ and then the one that says ‘Force stop’. With both things you should be able to solve the problem that your Outlook application has.

Update Outlook

When you have a very old version of Outlook, the problem of closing alone can also occur. The only way to make sure you have the latest version of the app is to go to the Play Store. Then go to the ‘My applications and apps’ section and see if Outlook has pending updates.

Check if it’s a storage problem

The Outlook application also usually presents problems when the mobile does not have much space in its storage . In that case, all you have to do is delete personal files that you have stored on your mobile and also uninstall applications that you use little.

Close background apps

When several apps within a mobile work together, it is normal for their processes to collide with each other and produce errors. Make sure that when you go to use Outlook, all other applications are closed. To know if there are applications working in the background , just press the button on the mobile that shows the open applications and close each one of them.

Update your mobile operating system

Another reason why the Outlook app on your mobile is crashing may be because its operating system is out of date . Updating the operating system of a mobile is one of the simplest things that exist. You just have to go into the cell phone settings, put the word ‘Software Updates’ in the search engine and there you will see if there are recent updates.

Format your device

If after trying all of the above, Outlook still presents a problem, you will have to format your device. In case you have a backup of all your data , you can run the procedure immediately. But if not, back up your files and format the mobile.

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