TRON LINK PRO is a crypto wallet where you can keep your crypto assets.  You can SWAP the available TRX into ECN using the exchange and from ECN to TRX.

How to Install TronLinkPro wallet & Swap TRX to ECN coin

Steps to download and install the TRONLINK PRO wallet:

  • Download the TRONLINK PRO app from Google play store/Apple store;
  • Open the app, Click on  Create Account, Scroll down to the page, click on Accept;
  • Give name to your account in the Set Name field, Click on Next step, Set the password, click on next step, re enter the password, click on Confirm, click on Backup now, click on “Got it”;
  • Write down all the 12 words (Mnemonic) in the same order in any diary. This is most important step. Then click on “I have saved it securely”, Click on the word against the number displayed on the screen in blue colour, click on next step, click on the word against the number displayed on the screen in blue colour. Now you have backed up your Mnemonic successfully.

By default only TRX will be displayed under “Assets”.

To add ECN under the Assets:

  • click on + symbol on the right side to TRX;
  • enter the ECN address  TF3N6yDLfhosmx4LEqiq7pLcUWxdYMMfWV on the right side search box into Assets;
  • There CEN will be shown and click on + symbol on right side to ECN to add it permanently under the Assets.

Download the guide: ECN TRON LINK PRO.pdf

NOTE: you need to take Mnemonic backup and the corresponding private key to restore your wallet in case of any issue in your mobile. Don’t neglect it. Nobody can restore your wallet if you lost your mobile.