How To Play Elden Ring In Easy Mode

elden ring easy mode mod
elden ring easy mode mod
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Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games this year and a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, known for being very difficult. The game isn’t as difficult as its predecessors, but it can be pretty challenging for newcomers to the series. So here are a few ways to help you make the game easier.

Although Elden Ring doesn’t have an easy mode, there is one way to make it less difficult: mods. Modders have been hard at work adding all sorts of mods to the game.

Elden Ring Easy mode or mod

The game’s starting area can be challenging for those new to the series. This is also when you will learn how challenging Elden Ring is. Many users may also realize they may not enjoy the constant dying and resetting.

This is where the Ultimate start mod by user powerzhea comes into play. The mod starts you as a wrench (balanced starter class) from where you can choose whatever build you want to pursue. It gives you very powerful gear, weapons, spirits, and more items.

The mod also includes a variety of magic spells, some level 10 spirits, and 100k runes. We recommend only using the runes to level up when you think the game is becoming too hard. Collectible items such as all cooking books bell rings have also been added.

Note: Installing the mod can be quite complicated, but it will be worth it.

How can I get used to the game’s difficulty?

The items in the mod are only helpful in the beginning part of the game. So it would be best if you get used to mechanics and the game’s difficulty as soon as possible.

One might say this is too overpowered, and this is not how Elden Ring is supposed to be played. That is why we suggest playing it normally at the start and only using the runes to level up and save time. We also recommend downloading a mod to pause the game (yes, you heard it right).

NThe mod is only for offline play, do not go online and risk getting banned.

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