As technology evolves, the banking sector is not left behind, many different software have been put in place to make banking a lot easier and faster. Among the developed software one of such is the USSD code for mobile phones, this is accessible on both small phones, Android and iOS. USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a service which allows you pay your bills and do other transactions by simply dialling a shortcode on your phone, USSD codes are also called Quick Codes.
Almost if not all banks in Nigeria now have their special USSD codes for mobile money transactions such as: Buying airtime, Account Opening, Balance Inquiry/Checking, Money transfer to same bank and other banks, and lot more. This service is similar to internet banking the only difference is just that it does not use internet access, so if an individual wants to do online transactions, the person just needs to dialed the USSD code that is applicable to his bank and that’s all.

Note: You can only use the particular SIM card or mobile line you used to in opening your account with to do USSD transactions. If you lose that line and don’t it won’t work.

How to transfer money using the USSD code without putting your ATM
Most times people become stranded when their ATM expired or they want to make transfer and they are yet to collect their ATM card, usually making transfer can be done in two ways either you register with your ATM pin or you do it without the ATM pin number to register, today I will focus on using just your phone number with the ATM card to register and make your transfer. So if you fall under this category of people keep calm and follow the guideline, for easy understanding I will like to use a particular bank to do the illustration. So for better understanding I will be using GTBank (Grantee Trust Bank).
So the first thing you need to know is having your bank USSD code, for GTBank, the code is *737#

How to create the pin to enable you begin your transfer, to create a pin all you need is to follow the steps below;

Dial *737#
–  Input “7” to select “Create/Change your PIN” option
–  Enter ”2” if you do not have an active debit card
– Enter your “Account Number”
– Enter your “Date of Birth”
–  Enter your preferred PIN

That’s all you need when you don’t have a debit card and you want to make transfer.

Note: for each transaction there are charges attached according to the amount one is transferring and also ensure you input a PIN that you can easily remember and avoid sharing it with anyone, to avoid any kind of fraud.

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