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Welcome to Boldtechinfo!

We’re glad you’re considering joining us. Boldtechinfo was created to bring the latest tech news to our users and also help our users to solve problems with their gadgets by publishing high-quality and easy-to-understand tutorials. It’s awesome and incredible what we’ve been able to accomplish in a short period of time, but we think we can do even better.
To help us create more contents, raise our quality and grow faster, we are looking for great contributos,  authors and editors to join our team. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading to find out what’s involved, and how to join our team.

What Boldtechinfo is  Looking For

We are looking for both new and experienced writers to cover how-to tutorials, games, product reviews and comparisons, and explainers across various tech topics, including things like iOS, Android phones, Smart Home, Wearables, Gadgets, and other consumer tech-related topics.

Types of Articles Publish:

How-to: Either helping people get started with a new technology, or fixing any problems they may have with their gadgets.
Opinion: Do you have a strong opinion on something in our industry and the research to back it up? These can make useful talking points.
Tips and Guides: Longer articles really digging into a subject. A reference piece that people will return to time and time again.
Games review and alternative download links: review of mobiles games and provisions of alternative source of download AKP MOD link to users.

What Boldtechinfo don’t want

1. We don’t want stories that has been published in other blogs (we can consider some of your article if they are authentic and fully yours i.e from your blog).
2. Content marketing company working on behalf of clients.
3. Link building opportunities.
4. Sponsored Posts
We do offer sponsored post options for companies who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content. You should note, this is not a way to post an advert, rather a way for you to put your brand to some great content for our readers.


Familiarize yourself with our articles. We cover all things smartphone, with a focus on how-to tutorials, product reviews, guides, and analysis.
You must be a great writer and be able to explain complex topics in a way that is clear and easy to understand, even to non-tech familiarized people.
Be able to generate article ideas, take suggestions, and make topics interesting and fun to read.
You must be committed and have a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice that solves our readers’ problems.
You’re responsible to promote your articles, reply to any comments in a timely manner.
You’ll get a byline with your photograph and biography, so readers can find out more about you and your work.
You’ll get instant exposure for targeted traffic back to your site.
You’ll be able to expand your personal network and improve your online authority.
How to Apply
If you’re interested in joining Boldtechinfo’s writer team,
please contact us through our contact page or send us an email at or whatsapp us via +2348137251717 with the following information:
A brief summary of your qualifications (a paragraph or two should be fine).
A brief overview of the topics you are familiar with.
Links to at least five (5) writing samples, which show off your ability to explain technical topics in a clear and understandable way.
We would also need the information below to build your profile with us:
Your first and last name and your location.
Your social media profile URL (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora)
If you have a personal blog or a forum account, please include it as well.