List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remastered

All bet9ja codes and their meaning

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remastered

  • Platinum Trophy

Get all trophies

  • Halcyon days

Complete Part 1 of the Campaign

  • The end of youth

Complete Campaign Part 2

  • Making new friends

Complete Campaign Part 3

  • Picking teams

Complete Campaign Part 4

  • One legend dies, and one is born

Complete Campaign Part 5

  • Brotherhood broken

Complete Campaign Part 6

  • All pages to one / No page unturned

End last corrupted memory

  • Templar then; Templar now

Complete the entire game

  • It’s me? / Did I do that?

Complete 1 Present Quest

  • He’s not dead, is he? / He’s not dead, is he?

Complete 2 Present Quest

  • A worthy cause

Complete 3 Present Quest

  • Message / Sending a message

Complete 4 present missions

  • Achieve full synchronization

Achieve complete sync across all major missions

  • Capture all Gang HQs

Capture all bandit lairs

  • Discretion / Stalker killer

Defeat 30 Rangers

  • Owner / Property Tycoon

Restore all buildings

  • Best Employee / Dedicated Employee

Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges.

  • Phantom Queen

Fully upgrade the Morrigan

  • Raider / Camper

Loot 20 supply camps

  • What’s yours is mine

Loot 20 sea convoys

  • I do not care / Do not want

Defend against 20 smoke bombs with a mask

  • Did you call the master? / Repairman

Repair all computers at Abstergo Entertainment

  • Cartographer

Open all areas in the game

  • Ancient Hero

Find Native American Armor

  • Knight of Yore

Find Templar Armor

  • Around the World / Globe Trotter

Complete 17 missions in the Naval Campaign.

  • In pursuit of memories / Memory collector

Find all fragments of the Animus

  • There is! / Owned

Do all possible actions in one area

  • For the empire! / For the Empire!

Capture all forts

  • I’ll take that

Capture all settlements

  • Thunderstorm of the North Atlantic / Master of the North Atlantic

Complete all Legendary Battles.

  • Smashing obstacles

Destroy 100 icebergs

  • Ice Breaker

Break through 500 meters of the ice sheet

  • For freedom! / Freedom fighter

Save 300 British POWs

  • Unicorn Hunt / Unicorn Slayer

Harpoon the narwhal

  • Self-defense / Defense First

Survive the boarding

Repel 15 Surprise Air Attacks

  • King of the Hill

Complete all Indian Mounds and Ice Caves missions

  • Invisible / Ninja

Overcome the outpost unnoticed

  • Instant Vikings

Hit 5 enemies at the same time with a berserker grenade

  • Quiet hour / Nap time

Put 5 enemies to sleep at the same time with a sleep grenade

  • This war of mine

Complete all mission interceptions

  • Hunt the hunted

Using only the HUNTER cheat, destroy 10 ships in the North Atlantic without being killed

  • Overcome / I ENDURE

Using only the ENDURANCE cheat, destroy 10 ships in the North Atlantic without being killed

Using only the VETERANS cheat, capture 10 large supply camps

  • Killing Machine

Using only the ENDURANCE cheat, defeat 30 guards without being killed

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