Samsung Galaxy S20 dummies caught on video,  got a big camera bump

Phone accessory store Mobile Fun is getting into the leak business – it posted a video showing off replicas of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 trio. Previously, we’ve seen 3D printed dummies, which are based on 3D CAD models, but these replicas are used by factories in China to test cases and other accessories for the real phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra dwarfs previous members of the S-series, it’s about the same size as the Galaxy Note10+, a bit taller, actually.

The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ are more conservative, their height and width are only slightly larger than those of the S10 and S10+, respectively. This means that the whole family has shifted up in size – since there’s no “e” model this year, the S20 will be the smallest S-phone on offer.

The camera bump is noticeably thicker and wider on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The replicas lack the “100x” decal and the dummy telephoto camera is round, but otherwise the camera layout matches the leaked renders. Here are the bump dimensions, measured by Mobile Fun.

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