The Evil Within 2 guide: where to find pouches

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The location of all ammo pouches in The Evil Within 2

The more ammo in your backpack, the better. In The Evil Within 2, you can find special ammo pouches that will allow you to expand the number of shells carried at the same time. They are hidden in locations, but they are very difficult to find.

Pistol pouch location

Pouch for pistol # 1 . You can find it in the third chapter, in an abandoned train. When you get to the train, then open the door. But as soon as you try to do this, the handle will fall off, and enemies will attack you. Kill them and find the pouch inside the car.

First pouch

Pouch for pistol # 2 . I think this pouch appears after completing the side quest in Chapter 3, but I can’t be 100% sure. Follow to the place marked on the map and examine the dead body, on which the pouch lies.

Second pistol pouch

Pouch for pistol # 3 . The next pistol pouch can be found during the passage of the sixth chapter in the “Network”. There will be two doors that you can go through, and one of them is locked to a puzzle with a frequency (in which you need to combine two waves). Another door is open – go through it to find the pouch on the dead body.

Third pistol pouch

Pouch for pistol No. 4 . At the beginning of the twelfth chapter, you will not have a map, so we cannot provide a screenshot. When you find yourself in the lake of blood, then go to the desired area with candles and statues to find the pouch.

Pouch for pistol No. 5 . The pouch can be found in the fourteenth chapter, but again there is no map for it. When you get to the third floor, you will need to shoot at the levers to block the streams of flame. After clearing the first one, kill the enemies in the first area and go through the door from which additional enemies will appear. The last pouch is inside.

Shotgun pouch locations

Shotgun pouch # 1 (third chapter) . Go up the stairs in the back right corner of the large building south of the Pit Stop. The pouch is located inside the Mobius ammunition box, at the end of the balcony.

First shotgun pouch

Shotgun pouch # 2 (seventh chapter) . Go to the alley behind Sykes’ hideout to find the body of a dead Mobius operative, guarded by more powerful foes.

Second shotgun pouch

Shotgun pouch # 3 (eleventh chapter) . This is a fairly straightforward route. On the Net, you will eventually find a dead Mobius operative lying on the floor in front of you. Your communicator will detect a resonance that is almost impossible to miss.

Third shotgun pouch

Shotgun pouch # 4 (thirteenth chapter) . On the eastern edge of the map, look for the red carriages behind the Credit Union building. On the seat in the first carriage, you will find the last shotgun ammo pouch.

Crossbow pouch location

Crossbow pouch # 1 (fourth chapter) . In the “Network” you will reach a room where opponents appear and will attack you while you defend. To the left of the door is a staircase leading to a room with the first crossbow bolt pouch.

First crossbow pouch

Shotgun pouch # 2 (ninth chapter) . In the prison, go to the room on the right side of the mechanism that opens the doors. There will be a side room with a file – look at the bench behind the table to find this crossbow pouch.

Shotgun pouch # 3 (chapter twelve) . When you get to the second part of the pit, you will encounter crawling monsters – go forward and to the right, where a large statue is located, illuminating the corner of the ruins. Behind the statue is the last cartridge case.

Location of pouches for first aid kits (syringes)

Syringe pouch # 1 . You can find the pouch during the fifth chapter. After everything around turns into complete madness, go to the indicated place and take the pouch.

First pouch

Syringe pouch # 2 . The second pouch can be found in the eleventh chapter, in the laboratories of the “Network”. On the second floor there is a red door marked with number 2 – inside there is a dead body with a pouch.

Second pouch

Sniper Rifle Pouch Locations

Pouch for sniper rifle # 1 (sixth chapter) . Find the dead Mobius Operator outside the Juke Diner.

The first sniper pouch

Pouch for sniper rifle # 2 (tenth chapter) . After you sneak past the enemies or fight them, you will find yourself at the opposite end of the burning building. Behind this building there is a Mobius armored personnel carrier, in the back of which there is a pouch.

Second sniper pouch

Sniper rifle pouch # 3 (thirteenth chapter) . On the dead body in the area near Sykes’ hideout is the last pouch. There will be several burning corpses here – use the communicator to find the body near the entrance to the shelter.

Assault Rifle Pouch Location

Assault rifle pouch # 1 . In the thirteenth chapter, you can find two assault rifle pouches at once. Look for the first on the dead body, the location of which is marked on the map.

The first pouch for the assault rifle

Assault rifle pouch # 2 . The second pouch is in the same chapter. Look on the map, on another dead body.

Second pouch for assault rifle

Assault rifle pouch # 3 . Found in chapter fourteen, but unfortunately there is no map. After turning left, follow the route until you find a mirror. There is an assault rifle pouch inside this room.

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