Beijing time on February 26th news, Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Mikhailo Fedorov (Mykhailo Fedorov) issued an open letter on Friday afternoon, calling on Apple to stop providing products and services to Russian users in response to Russia’s continued attack on Ukraine. invasion.

Fedorov posted the open letter on his Twitter account, saying he had contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook to urge him to stop supplying Apple products and services to Russia. Fedorov also specifically mentioned cutting off Russians’ access to the App Store .

Ukraine Asks Apple To Block Russian App Store, Halt Device Sales

 Fedorov published an open letter on Twitter

“I call on you to stop supplying Apple services and products to the Russian Federation, including blocking the App Store!” he wrote in the letter, “We are convinced that such actions will prompt Russia’s young and active population to take the initiative to stop shameful military aggression. “

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On Thursday, the White House unveiled a package of sanctions in response to the Russian intrusion, including blocking Apple and other U.S. companies from providing services to the Russian military or Defense Department. However, Fedorov was more demanding, calling on Apple to stop providing services to the whole of Russia. Apple has yet to comment.


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