Xiaomi upcoming flagship Mi 10 to come with a 108 MP camera

Xiaomi is expected to introduce the Mi 10 as one of the first smartphones, sporting a Snapdragon 865 chipset. A leakster from China that is usually reliable with his inside information revealed that the upcoming flagship will have a 108 MP camera, which is exactly what the Mi Note 10 has.

This will be the first smartphone with both the latest Samsung camera sensor and the latest Qualcomm flagship SoC, giving the Mi 10 an early entry in the flagship of the year competition.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is expected to have four shooters on the back and to have a similar design to the Mi 9 – vertical setup in the upper left corner, no fingerprint or anything else on the back panel. The front is likely to be an OLED display with a punch-hole design for the selfie camera in the top left corner too.

Other rumors suggested an ultra-fast charging speed with up to 66W for a Pro variant of the phone, which means the cell would charge in 35 minutes. There was also the suggestion the Mi 10 Pro might have a 4,800 mAh battery, but we are still waiting for Xiaomi to confirm it or to tease any sort of information.

Xiaomi Mi 10 banner reveals design and launch date

Xiaomi’s next Mi flagship has been popping-up hire ant there, from time to time in the last few months, but with little actual accompanying info. A few days ago, a couple of alleged live photos of the device did surface, matching earlier rumors of a quad-camera setup, but also missing the mark on others, like an alleged notch and hole-free display.

we now have an official-looking banner to reference. Instantly, we have to notice the Mi Mix Alpha inspired design, the Mi 10 is rocking. Of course, futuristic wrap-around display in sight, but the strip is definitely a nod in the direction of Xiaomi’s recent tech showcase. So, even though the Mix Alpha might be off the table for good, we might at least get a new distinctive Xiaomi design language out its brief existence.

Kind of pointing out the obvious here, but, nonetheless, also on the banner we find a Snapdragon 865 5G badge. Pretty much expected. Still, it’s nice to see a confirmation for 5G connectivity. Though, it could still be limited to the Mi 10 Pro version, which we do officially know will exist alongside a vanilla. That part remains to be seen. There is also a February 11 date on the banner. It is pretty self-explanatory and a February launch for the Mi 10 has crept up before through the grape vine as well.

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