5 Tips to fix a phone running slower


Here are five useful tips on how to accelerate you phones

1. Do not use live wallpapers: Dynamic wallpaper really interesting, but it will take some resources , in order to make your system run faster Andrews faster , better get moving wallpaper off, replaced by a static wallpaper it.

2. Less some desktop gadgets: Some friends may think your Android plugin to add some gadgets , you will find it particularly convenient , but also reduce the phone’s operating speed , if you uninstall the widget on the desktop, you will obviously feel the system smoothly degree has improved a lot .

3. Turn off background applications: We can install an application on a mobile phone management software , such as monitoring tools , when you do not use the application , you can turn it off to save memory.

4. Restore factory settings: On the phone all the personalized settings will likely cause a decline in the speed of the phone , you can try to restore the factory settings it because the original manufacturer of the system is the result of repeated testing and setting up good .

5. Pay special attention to that before restoring factory settings to be backed up in advance , if not ahead of backup data in the phone will be lost .

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