APK Editor PRO APK v2.4 (MOD Patched)

Apk Editor Pro Apk V2.4 (Mod Patched)

Apk Editor Pro Apk V2.4 (Mod Patched)

bug fix

Currently, there is no shortage of applications that support downloading games to play for free, but to hack games, there is probably only APK Editor Pro that can do it.

APK Editor Pro

Mod/hack APK files, and modify them however you want!

Translate language in the game to play better, experience more exciting

There are many good games on mobile with all genres of AAA, MOBA, FPS, RPG. Not to mention the quick games which you can start and play the game right away, most of the games these days have storylines ranging from simple to complex. There are many topics like post-apocalyptic zombies, shooting combat, or hand-to-hand combat that sometimes delves into complicated stories and characters. Not to mention fantasy adventure RPGs, the world opens up endlessly.

In those games, the language in the game is English, or it can be without English, but only the original language: Japanese. Korean, Chinese, or sometimes French, German, Dutch maybe. It is rare to find a game available in your native language. Assuming you can read and understand most of what’s happening in the game in English, it’s very inconvenient to not be in your native language when you want to empathize with the character.

In general, sometimes it is so frustrating that I just wish I could turn all the words in the game into my native language to understand all the stories in the game.

And APK Editor is all you looking for, this app can make that wish come true.

APK Editor, Mod APK file, and many more cool things

APK Editor is an application that helps hack all detailed content in a game. This app can be quickly downloaded and used right on the phone. How to use it is very simple. First, you need to start it up, then download the game, open the game to play on the application platform, and you can play that game in your own native language.

APK Editor has two versions for users to choose from: a free regular version and a Pro version without a monthly fee. I also don’t play too many mobile games, so I’m using the free regular version. And here are some personal impressions after a few months of using APK Editor.

Simple interface

With a game mod/hack application, the interface must first be easy to understand and manipulate, so that users can focus on the main function. APK Editor has a neat design, the background and text are only encapsulated in two colors, blue and white, so it looks very clear. You can choose the default app’s display language to be English or your own native language, depending on your habits. The function buttons in the application are also quite easy to understand, there are no notes, but just look so you can understand the function. In my opinion, anyone can use it, even when using it for the first time.

APK Editor and other APK file MOD features

In addition to the main feature of translating to your native language in the game, APK Editor can also help you to edit the game, which will satisfy the curiosity of some programmers who want to get acquainted with the operating structure of a mobile game. For example, you can rename the application, change the installation location, remove ads in the game, change the image of the game’s icon. These are small things that are highly exciting for any game-addicted dev.

Modification of the APK file is not only the hobby of some mainstream players but also of many people. With just a little curiosity, a bit of vandalism, and a standard support tool, you can do many things that seem to be impossible for normal people. APK Editor can be considered the first complete APK file Mod tool on mobile. You can do a lot of tasks, interfere quite a bit with APK files without having to use a computer or complicated programming tools.

Specifically, APK Editor can help you do the following edits, improvements, and interventions on an APK file:

  • Change the APK file interface, rename the title, change the wallpaper, change the icon displayed on the mobile.
  • Rearrange the layout, display the position of the app on the common screen.
  • A little deeper intervention can change the background music, available theme ringtones, rearrange the layout and structure of the applications.
  • Filter out almost completely ads during gameplay and application use.
  • Redesigned main menu and submenu layout in apps and games.
  • Remove authorization restrictions, unsigned verification requirements, remove Google verification…



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