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You have recently started watching TV series , yet some of these have already conquered you a lot: to the point that now you are looking for some apps that allow you to watch them, possibly for free, even when you are not at home and only have a smartphone or a tablet at your disposal. Well, if that’s the case, know that you’ve come to just the right place at the right time!

With today’s guide, in fact, I will propose you a series of apps to watch TV series for free , explaining how to use them, to see the episodes of your favorite TV series in full freedom, without subscribing and, in some cases, even offline (so without an active internet connection). Of course you have to bear in mind that free services have their limitations and don’t offer rich catalogs like those of paid services, but it sure is a start.

Precisely in this regard, I will also provide you with an examination of the main apps to watch paid TV series, given that streaming platforms have very low monthly fees and usually also offer an initial free trial, with no obligation to renew. So if you can’t wait to get to know these apps and watch your favorite series on the go, keep reading: you will find everything explained below.


  • App to watch TV series for free
    • VVVVID (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • RaiPlay (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Mediaset Infinity (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • App to watch streaming TV channels
  • App for watching paid TV series
  • Multimedia players
    • VLC (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Infuse 7 (iOS / iPadOS)

App to watch TV series for free

I start this tutorial dedicated to apps to watch free TV series , telling you about the free streaming services that currently exist. If you are looking for a solution to watch TV series for free, then the solutions I am about to propose are definitely for you.

VVVVID (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

One of the best streaming services to watch TV series for free is VVVVID , which in its catalog features titles such as “Psycoville”, “Casual”, “Little Britain”, “The office” and many more. It also offers Japanese films and anime, even in simulcasts (one of its strengths).

VVVVID can be used on Android devices (by downloading its app from the Play Store or from alternative stores ) and on iOS / iPadOS (by downloading the app from the App Store ), but it can also be used directly from the browser, by connecting to its official website .

All you need to do to start watching TV series on VVVVID is to create a free account. To do this, start the app and choose whether to register via social, by pressing the Login button with Facebook , or whether to proceed with the classic registration via email .

In the latter case, tap on the Register item and enter your data in the Name , Surname , Email , Password , Date of birth and Gender fields . Then put the check marks to accept the terms of use of the service and the privacy policy and press the Register button to complete the registration.

With that done, you are ready to start watching TV series on VVVVID. To start, press the Explore item (top left) to open the list of available content and go to TV series to access the section dedicated to the television series.

Now, click on the item Featured (below) to choose the title to be played between popular titles and new releases , or tap on the Genres option to filter the series by genre ( Adventure , Action , Comedy , Comedy etc). Alternatively, you can access the list of TV series in alphabetical order by pressing the AZ button .

Once you have chosen the television series to watch, press on its cover image and tap the Watch button to start playback from the first episode of the first season (or choose the one you are interested in from the list of Seasons and Episodes ).

Finally, I point out that from time to time the reproduction of the contents on VVVVID is interrupted by commercials, since this is the way in which the app supports itself, thus allowing a vision of contents in a completely legal and free way.

RaiPlay (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Among the best apps to watch movies and TV series for free there is also RaiPlay , the Rai streaming platform, available via browser and in the form of an app for Android devices (also downloadable from alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS , as well as on Smart TV , Apple TV and other smart devices.

RaiPlay allows you to watch the live broadcast of State TV channels, to see the programming of the last 7 days, to consult the TV guide and to access a vast catalog of on-demand content that includes films, fiction and TV series.

Among the numerous contents available, Italian fiction certainly stand out such as, for example, “Braccialetti Rossi”, “Inspector Coliandro”, “The company of the swan”, “Doc – in your hands” and “The ladies’ paradise”, but international titles such as “Zoe’s Extraordinary World” or “Morgane – Brilliant Detective” are also visible. Furthermore, RaiPlay’s strengths include its original TV series, among which titles such as “Mental” and “Nudes” stand out.

To start watching TV series on RaiPlay , you must first create a free account. Then start the app, tap the  button , press the Register item that appears on the left and choose whether to register on RaiPlay via your social accounts (by pressing the buttons relating to Facebook , Twitter or Google ) or whether to register via email .

In the latter case, then proceed with entering your data in the fields Name , Surname , Email , Password , Sex , Date of birth , press the Register button and, finally, tap on the activation link, contained in the message received to your email address, to activate the account created.

Now, in the main RaiPlay screen , press on the On demand item located at the bottom and then press on the TV Series (or Fiction ) section: if you see a title you like, tap on its cover image to access the descriptive card and the episode list that you can play by pressing the Play button .

Alternatively, click on the magnifying glass icon and type in the title of a series to search for. Once you have identified the TV series to watch, press on its cover image , select the season and the episode to watch and enjoy the vision.

In some cases, moreover, the episodes can be downloaded to your device for viewing even in offline mode , by first pressing the button with the down arrow symbol and then the Download button .

Also, in case the fiction or TV series you want to see had aired in the last 7 days, you can press the TV Channels> TV Guide / Replay buttons to access the list of programs aired in the last 7 days. Then choose the channel and the date on which the episode of your interest aired and tap on its title to start playing it.

For more information on this service, read my guide in which I explain in more detail how to see RaiPlay .

Mediaset Infinity (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Another valid service to watch TV series for free is Mediaset Infinity , which is available as an app for Android (even on devices without Google services ), iOS / iPadOS ) and Smart TV , as well as via browser, through its official website . This is the official Mediaset portal which in its catalog presents numerous films, international TV series, fiction and shows, visible in on demand mode.

Furthermore, through Mediaset Infinity , it is also possible to watch the free-to-air channels of the Mediaset group in live streaming, all after creating a free account. Furthermore, to expand its catalog, Mediaset Infinity also includes so-called Channels , such as Infinity + , a streaming platform that can be activated separately for a fee with prices starting at € 7.99 / month.

That said, to watch TV series for free on Mediaset Infinity , download the app on your device and register for an account, pressing the little man icon located at the top and then tapping the Login and Register buttons . You can carry out the quick registration procedure, by connecting a Facebook ( Register with Facebook ), Google ( Register with Google ) account, or perform it in the traditional way, by pressing the Register button with email and password .

At the end of the procedure, tap on the Catalog button located at the bottom and, in the menu that is shown to you, press on the item Fiction and TV series , in order to search for the TV series or fiction of your interest. When you are ready to start playing it, press directly on the episode or tap the First episode button to start watching from the beginning.

If you want to know more, check out my tutorials on how to review Mediaset fiction and how Infinity + works .

App to watch streaming TV channels

Another viable solution for watching free TV series is to rely on the apps or websites of other well-known TV broadcasters. Here is a list of such solutions that might be right for you.

  • Paramount Network: The Paramount Pictures Corporation television channel offers interesting TV series and films in its free-to-air programming such as Yellowstone, Buffy or Supernatural. Its contents, in addition to being visible via the digital terrestrial channel 27 and on the satellite, are visible on its website and, therefore, via a browser, as there is no app for mobile devices. It should be emphasized, however, that only some TV series are accessible in on demand mode, others can only be watched in live streaming.
  • La7( Android / iOS / iPadOS ): the channel present at number 7 of digital terrestrial (and visible on the satellite) is also accessible from the Web . To see the TV series, available only live, with titles of the caliber of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”, simply log on to the Live section on the day and time of the broadcast.
  • SuperGuidaTV( Android / iOS / iPadOS ): an app to have at your fingertips the programming of the last seven days of numerous television channels. It allows you to access live broadcasts and on-demand content from all major national broadcasters, dividing them into Movies , News , Entertainment , TV Series , Show , Sit Com

For a more complete list of channels to watch in streaming , check out my specific tutorial on the subject.

App for watching paid TV series

The best alternative to apps to watch TV series for free are paid streaming services , such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video .

While this may seem counterintuitive, I find it useful to provide you with an examination of these platforms as some of them offer a free trial. In addition, some of them can be included in telephone plans with dedicated offers.

If you are curious and want to know more, below you will find a list of apps to watch paid TV series with free trial that you can consider.

  • Netflix( Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows ): it is among the best video on demand services in the world and its strong point is its TV series. It offers exclusive original titles such as “The Witcher” or “Stranger Things” and famous historical series such as “Breaking Bad”. It offers various subscription plans: Basic (€ 7.99 / month), Standard (€ 12.99 / month) and Premium (€ 17.99 / month) which differ in video quality and simultaneous access from multiple devices. Depending on the promotional periods, a free initial trial or a page with some free content visible even without a subscription may be available . You can get more information about it by reading my guides onhow Netflix works and how to watch Netflix for free .
  • Amazon Prime Video( Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows ): is the video on demand service launched by Amazon and which is included in the subscription of all Amazon Prime users. At a cost of 36 euros / year or 4.99 euros / month it is possible not only to take advantage of shipments in one working day on products purchased on the online shopping site and take advantage of numerous other features, but also to access a rich catalog of films and TV series with titles such as “Fear the Walking Dead”, “Mozart in the Jungle” and “The man in the high castle”. If you are a new Amazon customer you can activate the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial and, therefore, have access to Amazon Prime Video. For more information about it, you can read my guide onhow Amazon Prime Video Italy works .
  • Disney +( Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows) – this is Disney’s streaming service. It offers the vision of many TV series suitable for all the family, including those of the Disney Channel and also those dedicated to Star Wars and Marvel characters, with also exclusive original productions, without forgetting the FOX series. It also includes Star, a section aimed at a more general audience, in which there are numerous films and TV series in the catalog, including some exclusive content called Star Original. It also includes Disney and Pixar classics, Marvel films and National Geographic documentaries. It is accessible from all devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV and video game console) and the price is 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year. Those who are already registered, however, will continue to pay 6.99 euros / month or 69,More info here .
  • Apple TV +( iOS / iPadOS ) – is Apple’s streaming service, available in the default TV app of iOS, iPadOS and macOS. It hosts numerous original series and costs 4.99 euros / month. It offers 7 days of free trial, which becomes 1 year for those who purchased a new Apple product in the months prior to the launch of the platform (November 2019). After the launch of Apple TV +, those who purchase an eligible Apple device are entitled to 3 months of Apple TV + for free. It is also accessible from PC, via browser or TV application for macOS, from Apple TV, Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Read more here .
  • NOW( Android / iOS / iPadOS ): is Sky’s streaming service without contractual obligations which, at a cost of € 14.99 / month, allows you to subscribe to the Cinema and Entertainment package and thus access a rich catalog of films, series Sky TV and show which, in relation to the TV series, boasts titles such as “Game of Thrones” and “Gomorrah”. It has no contractual obligations and it is possible to deactivate the subscription at any time. In some cases, you can activate a free 14-day trial or pay a lower price for a one-month subscription, depending on the promotion periods. To learn more about how it works, you can read my guide on how NOW works .
  • TIMVISION( Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows ): TIM’s VOD service which aims to offer its customers a subscription that also includes the contents of other streaming services. For example, the package that includes the TIMVISION catalog but also that of Netflix , Infinity + , Disney + and also the football matches of DAZN , costs € 29.99 / month. You can read my tutorial on how TIMVISION works to learn more about the topic.
  • STARZPLAY( Android / iOS / iPadOS ) – it is the property of Starz streaming platform that is usable in Italy also through Channel paid on Mediaset Infinity or Amazon Prime Video . It offers a strong catalog of noteworthy original content, such as “Dr Death”, “The Act” or “Castle Rock”. The cost of the subscription is 4.99 euros per month with a 7-day free trial.

Multimedia players

Have you read my guide on how to download TV series or have you recorded the episodes of your favorite telenovelas and, now, would you like to watch them via your smartphone or tablet? No problem! You can consider one of the media players listed below and enjoy them on your devices.

VLC (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

One of the best players out there for mobile devices is VLC , available for free for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices .

I advise you to use VLC as an app to watch free TV series on Android as it allows you to play videos and music, supporting numerous formats and allows the synchronization of files with services such as Dropbox , Google Drive , OneDrive , Box and iCloud Drive .

To start watching video content via VLC , you must first import the files into the application, in case they are not already present in your device’s default gallery.

For example, you have a device Android , you can copy video content on your device’s memory by using the ‘ File Explorer for Windows : After connecting your phone or tablet to your computer, use the’ File Explorer Windows to transfer files to your interest on the device and these will be “seen” automatically by VLC . To learn more, you can read my tutorial on how to transfer Android files .

If you have an iPhone or an iPad , however, you can transfer videos via the file sharing function present in iTunes on Windows or in the macOS Finder : I told you about it in more detail in my tutorials on how to explore the iPhone and how to save files on iPad .

Alternatively, regardless of the type of smartphone or tablet in your possession, you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi data sharing function provided by VLC . Then start the player app and make sure you are connected to the same wireless network that your PC is connected to.

Then, on Android , press the Browse button and refer to the Local Network item , to import the files in the network folder of a device connected to the local network, or press the (+) key to use other network paths, such as that FTP . On the Other tab , using the New Flow button , on the other hand, you can import files from a network address.

On iOS / iPadOS , on the other hand, press the Network button and then move the lever located at the item Sharing via WiFi to ON . Now, type in the address bar of your computer’s browser, the URL displayed on VLC and start transferring your videos by dragging them into the browser window or adding them by pressing the (+) button . Within a few seconds the videos will be transferred to the memory of your device.

If, on the other hand, the videos you intend to play on smartphones and tablets are stored on a cloud storage service, tap the Network button and press the Cloud services option . Then choose the service of your interest from Dropbox , Google Drive , Box and OneDrive and enter your login data.

After adding the video of your interest, you can easily play the multimedia content, located in the Video or Audio tabs , by pressing on its thumbnail.

If you have any doubts or problems, you can learn more about the use of VLC Media Player by reading my guide about it.

Infuse 7 (iOS / iPadOS)

Another player to consider if you are looking for an app to watch free TV series on iPhone is Infuse 7 , available for free only for iPhone / iPad . It supports numerous formats and allows you to download subtitles from

In addition, the paid version is also available which, at a cost of € 0.99 / month, € 9.99 / year or € 79.99 / one-time for life, offers a greater number of supported video formats and offers other features. such as, for example, the ability to support resolution up to Ultra HD 4K and audio in Dolby TrueHD quality.

To transfer your video files to Infuse 7 , you can choose one of the many procedures available. For example, you can transfer files using the sharing function via Wi-Fi. How to use? I’ll explain it to you right away.

Start the app, press the Add file button and tap on the item via Browser , then type the URL proposed by the reader in the address bar of your computer’s browser . In the authentication window, enter the Username and Password displayed on Infuse and start transferring your videos by tapping the + button .

Alternatively, you can choose one of the solutions that you find in the Add Files screen such as via FTP , via iTunes Sync , from direct URL or via External Folders , just to give you some examples.

Once the file has been transferred, press on its thumbnail and then tap the Play button , located on the main Infuse screen , to start playback.

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