Best Apps To Stream Football Matches On iPhone & iPad.

Best Apps To Stream Football Matches (2022) On iPhone/iPad.
Best Apps To Stream Football Matches (2022) On iPhone/iPad.


Here are the best applications to watch all football matches in streaming for free on iPhone. Although the apps are mainly used to watch football matches, they are also a single container that will allow you to watch all the sport in streaming on iPhone and iPad such as Formula 1, MotoGP, Basketball such as NBA or Italian Serie A., Tennis, Volley and much more.


If you are a passionate and assiduous sportsman both practicing and watching only, you cannot help but download and install these applications that will allow you to watch your favorite events in streaming wherever you are. Here are

The best apps for football and all sport in streaming to be installed on iPhone and also on iPad.

Streaming Sports on iPhone and iPad The Best Apps

The following applications can be downloaded directly from the Apple AppStore in one click and are completely free 

  • Live Player Without a doubt it is the best of all, free and very easy to use. Download the program from the App Store, start it, search for the event you are interested in (typing the name of a team, F1 or MotoGP circuit and the like), choose the event among the many proposed and enjoy the free streaming. Every now and then a bit of advertising appears, but it is absolutely acceptable
  • Sports TV Live Streaming Line Discreet app but with a lot of advertising. In general it allows you to watch the games without interruption, there are all the main competitions
  • StrymTV Good app, up-to-date, works well, but there are few Italian events. Perfect especially for F1, MotoGP and foreign events
  • Live FootBall TV Free, with some advertising, allows you to watch anything you want in streaming for free. It offers many events, any sporting event, but not all of them are in Italian. I think sooner or later it will be removed from the App Store, so download it until you find it
  • Football TV App has arrived on the App Store and seems to be working pretty well for now. It also offers HD quality, a wide range of events including Serie A, has non-invasive advertising and also shows highlights and results. The only drawback: the commentary of the videos is not in Italian.

These apps, on the other hand, are PAID and require a subscription:

  • DAZN Famous app that allows you to watch many sporting events in live streaming. It requires a regular subscription to work (you can choose between various plans)
  • NOW TV App by Sky that allows all subscribers to watch sports (but not only) in streaming. If you want, you can buy a single event, or a week or a month of viewing. Even in this case, however, the app does not work without a subscription
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