Best Adware Removal Apps for Android 2022

It’s pretty easy to remove adware from a computer because there are various kinds of tool that have been made available for it. But removing adware from an Android smartphone might seem difficult and that’s why in this article, I’ve decided to list the best adware removal apps which you can possibly use to remove adware.

Adware is a form of software that sends ads to browsers which can easily ruin your internet experience. Adware can be created alongside software or apps by the developers so they can earn revenue, thereby making their software to be free of charge or less costly. A security-conscious person should know that adware isn’t good.

You might be thinking that adware will harm or damage your computer or Android device, but no, it doesn’t. Only malware and viruses will harm your device. An adware will just continue to disturb you with annoying and unwanted ads whenever you’re connected to the internet.

List of the Best Adware Removal Apps for Android

Now we’ll explore the best adware removal apps which you can use to find and flush out adware, even hidden ones. These apps work well as I’ve personally tested them.

1. Avast Antivirus

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)

As an Android smartphone user, you must have heard of Avast antivirus application. This app is one of the best leading security and virus remover application for Android devices. Avast can also be used on computers and Mac devices, so you see that it covers most devices. Avast antivirus is a good adware remover application for Android phones.

Avast Antivirus comes with a lot of features, and despite being a malware removal tool, it does the exceptional, with Avast you can even lock photos on your android device, it can also serve as a VPN agent to keep your location safe when you surf websites that are restricted by your ISP. You can always consider Avast Antivirus as one of the best adware removal app for Android, it’s just perfect at removing Adwares.

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Avast Software

Price: Free

2. 360 Security

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)

360 Security is a powerful security tool and application for Android devices. This app can search and delete all kinds of trojans, malware, adware and vulnerabilities, and virus from your Android phone. 360 Security can also help to improve the performance and speed of your device. Removing junks and useless files can be easily done with this application.

Before having any doubt on 360 Security, just keep in mind that it protects over 200 million users worldwide, and it gains new users everyday cause of its real-time protection, your Android device can never be vulnerable to adware with 360 Security working in the background, it will remove any unwanted element found on your Android device, 360 Security is a good application when it comes to removing adware, it’s one of the best for Android devices

3. Norton Security and Antivirus

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)

This is another amazing adware and virus removal application for Android smartphones. Norton Security and Antivirus will help you with strong security that fights against fraud calls, thefts, and malicious apps that tries to affect your Android device. There are tons of free features you will get on Norton, some of its free features are WiFi scanning, tracking of a lost or stolen device and many more.

Norton Security and Antivirus also have a premium plan, this premium plan comes with different features, you can only get these features only when you pay, but you can enjoy 30 days free trial first. This is one of the best adware removal app for android devices.

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: NortonMobile

Price: Free

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is one awesome tool that has got a lot of security features for Android devices. With this application, you will get to scan and remove any adware, spyware, and malware that has affected your smartphone. Kaspersky search in real-time for virus, trojans, and ransomware.

Android phones tend to be more vulnerable to malware and virus the moment you install unsafe apps or visit websites that send viruses to its visitors, the best adware removal app to keep you protected is Kaspersky, this app comes with free and premium features, but overall it’s a good Adware removal app for android users.

5. Malwarebytes Security

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)

Malwarebytes Security can be well placed as the best adware removal tool for Android phones. Yes, it doesn’t only work on computers but has also been made available to be downloaded, installed and used on Android smartphones. Malwarebytes will find and remove any adware, malware, virus, ransomware, spyware, and trojans that have affected your Android devices.

You can always pick Malwarebytes as one of the best Adware tools, it has features that are quite amazing and while some of its features are free, the premium features are as cheap as ever, you will be amazed to see what this app offers in terms of protecting Android users from Virus and Malware.

Best Adware Removal Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Malwarebytes

Price: Free


You have seen the best adware removal tools for Android devices. These applications and tools will do well to get rid of virus, adware, and malware that has hidden on your smartphone. They’re for sure the best apps to get the job done. Kindly share your experience using these apps via the comment section below.

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