Best Android Puzzle Games: 10 Brainwashing Games

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Shooting and action games are not to everyone’s liking. Some people like to think. Our team tested the 100 best logic games in PlayMarket and after hours of heated battles came to the TOP 10 puzzle games on Android . So you stretch your fingers too – it will be exciting and sticky!

Roll the ball

An interesting puzzle game for smartphones, where the player needs to play tag with a track. The path along which the ball should roll is located randomly on the cubes. The task of the gamer is to connect them so that the ball rolls along the track from the beginning to the end of the track.

And if the first 5-10 levels are simple, then the fun becomes more difficult:

  • extra “pieces of wood” appear;
  • the number of moves decreases;
  • some figures remain in place for the whole level;
  • limited amount of time.

For those who are stuck at the level and cannot complete it in any way, there are free hints. True, to get one, you have to spend 20-30 seconds watching ads.

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Blendoku 2

Relaxing logic game for perfectionists. It combines colored cubes in a perfect gradient: this can be done temporarily or at your own pace in the “Zen” mode.

There are 3 main color parameters that you will have to get acquainted with:

  1. Tone – what exactly is the color
    Whether it is red, yellow, blue, or the middle between them.
  2. Brightness – how close it is to white
    Pastel shades will be considered “brighter” than their “pure” counterparts and you will have to combine them with the same “soft” shades.
  3. Saturation – how close to black
    For example, cherry will be considered more saturated than scarlet.

Based on this knowledge, the player needs to combine shades so that they form a gradient. The application is perfect for those who feel a designer vein in themselves – you can pump up your understanding of colors, playfully. And 500 free levels will completely absorb for long hours.

Moreover, this game is available even for color blind people. In the settings, you can set the type of color blindness, and the application will adapt to such a player. It is especially addictive on devices with OLED screens . They convey color as clearly as possible without overloading the picture.

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Happy Glass

A graphic game where the glass must be full: when it is “half empty”, it is damn sad. The user’s task is to make sure that the water from the source reaches the vessel. And for this he must draw lines, connecting things on the game “sheet” so that they form a springboard for life-giving moisture.

The attachment is a great opportunity to introduce children and remind adults of the basics of physics. We’ll have to take into account gravity, free acceleration and other features of Mother Earth. Players will have to strain their brains, coming up with a path for some water. She will even have to make a loop and fly through the ravines. Only the player can return the joy to the glass !

Tiny Bubbles

A colorful visual bubble bursting adventure. But this is far from the usual pop-it, here you need to think about how to do it – the bubble must give a chain reaction to its “friends” so that they also burst.
Passing the first ten levels will seem incredibly easy, since you only need to work with transparent parts. Further, the complexity increases and you will have to deal with multi-colored “balls”, where you will have to combine the strategy to get the desired result.

Let’s say the user needs to “blow up” 10 blue, 7 red and 5 purple balls. The problem is that initially there will be only reds and blues on the level. The gamer will have to think over a strategy so that exploding colored bubbles give their color to a neighbor and, as a result, get the desired shade.

There are 3 modes in the game – the difference between them is collected in the table:

Mode Peculiarities
Puzzle There is a lot of time, but the tasks are difficult. Sometimes even too
Arcade You need to have time to complete tasks in the shortest possible time
Zen No boundaries or requirements – just fantasy and relaxation

The game will present realistic bubble physics and excellent anti-stress soundtrack that can replace a simple dimple. The main thing is not to forget to run away from sharp hedgehogs and jelly crabs. It is better not to be friends with them, they will lead to defeat.

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Unusual 3D puzzle in which you can feel like a city planner. You need to travel back to the times of the 7 wonders of the world and, with the help of a well-thought-out network of aqueducts (pillars with water), bring water to cities, sports arenas and to the hanging gardens of Babylon!

Plumber game will appeal to children and adults. It differs markedly in aesthetics from those in a la style “connect pipes in the right order”. The player can adjust the difficulty that is optimal for himself and take free hints. True, they will be with advertisements.

So far, there are 100 levels in “Aqueducts”, but since the application is regularly updated, it is worth waiting for new water stories. So you need to be always ready to supply water to the ancient Roman taps !

Swiped 2

Love Gardenscapes and Zuma – here users can enjoy the familiar “several in a row” in a beautiful setting that visually resembles Zoom. The difference from “three in a row” is that here you can create long chains of dozens of “pebbles” – it is enough for them to be neighbors to each other.

The task is complicated by the fact that from time to time “frozen crystals” appear on the display, which require 2 steps to work with. First you need to knock the ice out of them by working on the neighboring stones, and only then they can be included in the main combination. The Snowfall Mode takes this fight against the cold to the absolute.


The popular oriental board game has won the hearts of the western audience and is not going to leave there. There are 2 variants of the game – gambling, similar to bridge poker (where 2 to 4 players compete), and solitaire.

Only solitaire games are available on PCs and phones. This game is no exception – the player will have to carefully adjust their eyes in order to get the hang of finding knuckles with the same pattern in a split second.

The player’s goal is to carefully disassemble a randomly constructed figure from unintentionally scattered stones. In one move, you can only remove 2 unlocked tokens that are on the edge of the playing field. In the classic board game, there are layouts that cannot be assembled. The phone starts “random” according to a special algorithm, so that the player will have at least one way to solve the problem.

And if the classic “dominoes” Mahjong seem too difficult to recognize, in this game you can replace the graphics of the dice with the one that will be more familiar: from flowers and numbers to pictures of food.

Bridge Construction Simulator

One of the best bridge and path building simulators . On mobile platforms, it is considered the best! Here you will have to remember the school physics course, analyzing gravity, mounts and even the weather.

The limited number of parts and realistic mechanics make you think: what is the best way to put the supports, what should be the bridge in order to withstand 5 overloaded trucks at once, etc. If critical mistakes were made during the construction, at the crossroads the bridge may not even support its own weight.

The game will appeal to those who have come to relax and those who want to play and prepare for the physics exam. Different levels of difficulty will allow you to customize the game so that everyone will like it.

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Unblock me

Another variation of the “tag” game , which will help you relax after a hard day and make you strain your gyrus. The main task is to release the “locked” part, giving it a way. And this can be done by moving free blocks.

There are more than 40,000 levels in the application, which are available even without the Internet. At the same time, the program almost does not take up space – its weight is only 14 MB, which is comparable to 4-5 photos in good resolution. In total, the game has 2 options:

  • Unblock Free is a free variation of the game, where ads will slip every 3-4 levels.
  • Unblock Premium is an ad-free version that costs $ 0.99.

Those who are not alien to contemplation can choose the “hard” level, and fans of easy wins will love the “easy” mode. And those who want to feel the taste of new victories all the time will like “daily tasks” of varying difficulty.

Infinity Loop

At first glance, a simple, but in fact a difficult game for the development of logic on Android. The player will have to rotate the lines to create complete, and sometimes even endless, shapes from them. The task is to click on parts of the shapes until they are connected into one. Thus, the player completes the level and ends up on an even more complex figure.

After he reaches the hundredth level, everything will go in the opposite direction – the gamer will have to detach the figure, making sure that the details do not touch each other. The developers regularly update the game, improving the capabilities of the artificial intelligence that comes up with the levels. So the number of combinations, as well as levels, here tends to infinity.

And the background music from the application can be used as a lullaby – it is so soft and soothing. The game can even be played from a watch – it supports Android Wear and Watch systems.

These 10 stories are the best puzzle games on Android that the modern gaming industry has to offer. They deserved their victory in our rating because they were able to distinguish themselves from competitors, having universal and understandable rules.

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