Best ePub Reader Apps for Android and iOS


If you’re looking for the perfect ePub reader apps on Android or iOS, here you’ll discover the best ePub reader apps for Android and iOS devices.


Reading ePubs these days has become easier than ever and when I say easy, I’m saying you can read ePubs on any type of device you want. You can read ePubs on your smartphones, and even on Windows and Mac. If you love reading ePubs and you’re looking for the perfect ePub readers on Android or iOS, I’ll be listing some of the best ones in this article and one good thing about these applications is that you can do more than just reading ePubs on them.

Some of the ePub readers I’ll be listing here has feature’s that’ll make you take notes without needing note-taking apps and you can also read pdfs on them without needing PDF reader apps.

Best ePub Reader Apps for Android and iOS

1. Kindle


I used Kindle from the early days of Android OS, then Archos devices do have Kindle app pre-installed in it. It was an ePub reader app I used to read The Art Of War about 11 years ago. This app has then evolved with new features and also an updated database for ePub files.

Kindle is a very good app for reading ePub files and it also has it bookshelf where you can find the latest ePubs to read. It’s an app that has a lot of features and is highly recommended. You can use the Kindle app to read ePub files on Android and iOS.

2. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader

You probably want to read books and not get tired of reading, or you want to read books and also be able to jot down some keywords. Then Moon+ reader is the perfect app you need for that, this app is one of the best ePub readers out there with a lot of features.

You can highlight words on Moon+ reader, and it also supports a large number of files i.e you can read other ebooks that are not encoded with .epub. Moon+ reader also allows you to use themes and as well apply day and night mode. It’s one of the best ePub readers for Android and iOS.

3. Apple Books

Apple Books is specially made for Apple users and that makes it an ePub reader most Android users are craving to have, it is developed with a lot of features and it makes the reading of ebooks or any type of books easy for iOS users. With Apple Books, you can read at least up to 8 different types of ebooks with different file formats aside from ePub.

This app also lets you sync your books via the cloud and you can continue reading a book on another device if you synched. You can only use Apple Books for iOS alone. If you’re looking for one of the best ePub readers out there for iOS, then you should install this.

4. Lithium: EPUB Reader

Lithium EPUB Reader

Lithium: EPUB Reader is arguably the best ePub reader you’ll ever find on Android or iOS because so far it’s the only ePub reader that’ll allow you read books without any form of interruptions from Ads or even charge you to enjoy some of its features. It’s free and it supports a wide range of file formats.

This app is one of a kind and it automatically detects books, it can also allow you to highlight words and even take notes. It has cool themes that you can easily switch from and to. Lithium: EPUB Reader is one of the best out there and you can use it on both Android and iOS.

5. ReadEra


ReadEra is a free book reader that’ll allow you to read any kind of books for free and also lets you use some of its features. This reader supports about 8 different book formats and it is known for being one of the best ePub readers out there. You can use ReadEra to read ePub’s for free and you don’t need to register.

ReadEra is lightweight and it has a simple interface that’ll let you use the app easily. ReadEra is one of the best Epub readers for Android users, you can install it for free and begin to read any books you want.

6. PocketBook


PocketBook is another book reading app for Android and iOS users and this book reader supports over 19 different types of book formats, you can read ePubs, PDFs and even read comic books on this app and it’s free at no cost. PocketBook makes the reading of ePub very easy on Android and iOS.

You can install this app on your device for free and begin to read books without limits. You can also listen to Audiobooks with PocketBook. It has a lot of features and it’s one of the best ePub readers for Android and iOS.


These are some of the best apps to read ePub files on Android and iOS. These apps have a lot of features and you can also use them to highlight and take notes while reading your favourite books.

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