Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC – Best GTA V PC Mods 2022

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022


GTA 5 is one of the best games out there and when you see PC users playing GTA 5 on their PC, you will see that most times their gameplays look different and some strange characters are in the game. What happens when GTA 5 is being played with a mod menu software and there is plenty of software like that which can be used to tweak GTA 5 on PC.


In today’s article, I’ll be listing out the Best GTA 5 Mod Menu, with these mod menus you’ll be able to change a few settings when you play GTA 5 on your PC, and GTA 5 mods offer a better way in which you can enjoy playing GTA on your PC, and the good thing is that there are plenty of these mods out there and they all have different features which they offer.

GTA Mods can be used only when you play GTA 5 on PC and it doesn’t work when you Play GTA 5 Online Without Downloading. With that being said, let’s take a dive into this article and see which of the GTA 5 mods is the best out there and also learn more about how to download them for free.

List of The Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC

Mod Menus on GTA 5 are scripts written by GTA mod creators and these scripts allow players to add some new content themselves since the offline GTA 5 doesn’t have new content, but with the mod scripts, you’ll be able to add in some new features like Vehicles, Weapons, New Characters and a lot more.

And if you’re wondering if using GTA 5 Mod Menu is safe, well it’s completely safe and the scripts won’t cause any damage to your PC or your GTA5 gameplay. These scripts only offer a better way to play GTA 5 and also bring new fun to the current gameplay.

1. Menyoo Mod Menu

Menyoo Mod Menu is very popular and there’s no doubt it’s one of the most used GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC. This mod menu will allow you to make different changes when you play GTA 5 on your PC, you can use it to change the graphics quality of your gameplay and it also brings an option to increase texture quality. Menyoo Mod Menu has a lot of features and it’s a perfect script you can use on GTA 5 for free.

Another reason why Menyoo Mod Menu is perfect is that you can use God Mode, you can use different types of weapons and cars and it also allows players to perform insane stunts when driving cars and bikes. It’s a perfect mod you should download on your PC and it’s completely free.

2. QF Mod Menu

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

QF Mod Menu also offers something similar to Menyoo Mod Menu, it’s one of the best GTA 5 scripts on the internet and it allows players to perform different tweaks when playing GTA V on their PC. This mod is perfect for changing traffic mode on GTA 5 and also perfect for chaotic activities like riots and lots more. You can fasten and slow down gameplay with QF Mod Menu.

While playing tough missions on GTA 5, you can use QF Mod Menu to pass different missions, the mod is completely safe and you can use it anytime. You’ll find most GTA V players using QF Mode Menu on their PC.

3. Kingpin Mod Menu

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Without saying too much, Kingpin also stands out in the list of Mod Menus for GTA 5. This scripter will give you complete access to applying any type of mods on GTA 5. With Kingpin Menu you can change weather, vehicles and even control time, you can teleport from one location to another and if you want to change gender from male to female, you can do it with the Kingpin Menu.

You can change the character’s appearance and also be in possession of some of the most exotic arsenals in the GTA 5 world. Kingpin also allows a player to apply upgrades to default weapons that come with the game, Kingpin is a very powerful Mod Menu for GTA V and it’s one of the best out there.

4. Kiddions Mod Menu

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Kiddions make applying mods on GTA 5 easy, it’s a very powerful GTA V mod tool and you’ll enjoy using this mod menu when you play GTA 5 on your PC.  This mod menu can multiply RP and also gives support on daily objectives and as well add more bonus and extends bunker delivery timers and so on. This Mod Menu is arguably one of the best out there and it has a lot of cool features it’s offering. If you want to try out something really crazy in GTA V, then this mod menu is yours.

When Kiddions Mod Menu has been applied, you can use the features to drive different cars and there’s an option to teleport from one place to another. Kiddions Mod Menu gives a full option to apply scripts without limits.

5. Simple Trainer for GTA V

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Simple Trainer isn’t quite advanced as the rest of the mods listed in this article, but nevertheless, it’s still an outstanding script and you can enjoy it better if you’re looking for customization options. You can explore God Mode with Simple Trainer and it has the speedometer option as well. You can tweak players characters with Simple Trainer for GTA 5.

Simple Trainer is a very good mod menu but I wouldn’t rate it very high. It’s safe to use this mod on your PC and its settings are not complicated, you could configure it easily even as a starter.

6. Enhanced Native Trainer

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Another Mod Menu on the list that you should consider is Enhanced Native Trainer, and so far it has been an outstanding Mod Menu for GTA 5. With this Mod Menu you can easily try out different mods on your GTA 5 PC and you’ll enjoy every bit of these mods. It is very easy to set up and it has all the features you’ll need from any GTA 5 scripting software.

Enhanced Native Trainer has all the necessary and needed mod features, you can activate vehicle customization, and weapon customization and you can even change the atmosphere and also make certain tweaks to the environment and other visible characters in the game.

7. Firah Menu

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Firah Menu is an old mod menu for GTA V and despite being old, it still functions properly and it offers some cool features that’ll let you enjoy playing GTA 5 on your PC. It has enormous mods and there’s no cheat option that you won’t find on Firah Mod Menu, being old and no updates don’t make it dead yet and it’s still one of the best out there.

Firah Mod Menu can improve GTA 5 gameplay, it has cool features and it supports invisibility and God Mode. You can claim unlimited cash, and health and also explore different collections of cars and lots more. This mod menu is perfect for GTA 5 PC users and it’s very stable.

8. Rampage Trainer

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Rampage Trainer is another cool trainer in GTA 5 and with constant updates from the developers of this script, you can’t miss out on any cool features of mods for GTA 5. This mod mainly focuses on different vehicles and any GTA player using Rampage Trainer will be able to enjoy some of the newest vehicles and other awesome features as well.

With Rampage Trainer, you can spawn bodyguards and also change NPC behaviour. This mod menu is classic and it’s one of the finest mods you can use when playing GTA 5 on PC.

9. MysteriousSP Mod Menu

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

MysteriousSP is quite complicated because it works with Numpad buttons. It’s a fine trainer for GTA 5 and it’s very smooth when being used, with this mod menu you’ll get God Mode, Unlimited Money, different weapons and also unlock cool cheats that’ll make GTA 5 very fun to play. You can also unlock firework ammo, rainbow guns and lots more.

You can use MysteriousSP brings the ultimate best in GTA 5 scripting and it’s an outstanding mod you can download and use on your PC if you want to enjoy GTA 5.

10. Callen’s GTA V

10 Best GTA 5 Mod Menu for PC (Best GTA V PC Mods) - Updated September 2022

Callen’s GTA V is a single-player mod menu for GTA 5 and it’s a professional mod menu tool for GTA 5 players. With this mod menu, you can get unlimited money, explore God Mode and spawn different vehicles and also do a lot more.

Callen’s GTA V is a fine Mod menu and it’s one of the best for GTA 5 lovers. You can download and set up this mod menu on your PC, it’s very easy to use and it’s a professional tool as well.


When picking Mod Menu for GTA 5, you should always try any of the listed mods because they’re the best and they work well. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and also share this article with other GTA 5 lovers who might need these mods on their PC.

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