Best Nigerian Current Affairs Apps 2022

Nigeria Current Affairs Apps

Nigeria Current Affairs Apps


In this article, you will find a list of the best Nigerian current affairs apps to download to understand the history of Nigeria and its past rulers.


Fast forward to a new era with a new set of individuals in the government office, and different changes in Nigeria, Africa and around the world, all these would be written into new current affairs and when you buy one, you’ll see different information there.

Nigerian citizens are advisable to be familiar with Nigerian Current Affairs because even in Job interviews, they’ll ask questions from current affairs and if you can’t answer them properly, you’ve failed a test. But how do you learn about the current affairs in Nigeria if you don’t have one? Well, with your Android device you can install Nigerian Current Affairs Apps and never miss out on any latest or old information on current affairs.

Best Nigerian Current Affairs Apps to Download for Android

We’ll be listing out the best Nigerian Current Affairs apps for Android users, with these apps you can be able to know more about the Nigerian Constitution, some of the past leaders and their remarkable impact on the country and other information surrounding Africa and the rest of the world.

1. Nigeria Current Affairs and Quiz

Nigeria Current Affairs and Quiz

If you’re looking for an app that’ll give you all the information about the history of Nigeria, its past rulers and also other accurate affairs of the country, then you should check out Nigeria Current Affairs and Quiz. This app is one of the best Nigerian Current Affairs Apps and it contains all the complete affairs of the country with relevant pictures of those involved.

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With this app you can know about the following details of the country: Nigeria Origination, Information and Statistics, States Information, Local Government Areas, Nigeria Colonial Leaders, Nigeria Indigenous Leaders, Vice Presidents, CBN Governors, Top Officials in the Current Government, Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Speakers House of Representative, Abbreviations and Meaning, Inventors and Inventions, Nigeria’s Timeline, Worlds Interesting Facts, Countries and Dependencies by Population, Brief Biography of Notable Nigerians, Nigeria Universities and Year Founded, Tourist Attractions, Military Ranks, Fundamental Human Rights and so many more.

2. Current Affairs Nigeria

Nigeria Current Affairs Apps

This current affairs app is one of the best for Android users and it contains relevant information about the past rulers of this great nation, every information about Nigeria and its history are arranged in yearly sections, so if you want to read about what happened in the year 1990 in Nigeria, you can just click on the year while using the app and it will show you everything you need to know about Nigeria as of 1990.

This current affairs app will give you more insights about the great men and women of this nation, it also has a feature that’ll allow you to answer questions by taking Quiz. It’s a very simple app and also one of the best Nigerian Current Affairs Apps out there for Android users.

3. History of Nigeria

Nigeria Current Affairs Apps

If you’ve wondered how our country Nigeria was formed, who the colonial rulers were and also know about the first military coup in the country, the first civil war in the country and also when the country became a British protectorate. This app will reveal all you need to know and it’s one of the most accurate current affairs apps you’ll see that has complete information about the past and present history of Nigeria.

History of Nigeria app is one of the best Nigerian Current Affairs Apps that has complete affairs of the history of Nigeria, this app will give you all the knowledge you need to have about Nigeria and how we became an independent nation after the British colonial era.

4. Nigerian Constitution 1999

Nigeria Current Affairs Apps

The constitution Nigeria operates on was implemented in the year 1999 and we’ve been using it till now. But in case you’re wondering what the constitution holds or you want to know those behind it, this app is the best app to use. The 1999 Nigerian Constitution app will give you insights on the Nigerian supreme law and other information you want to know.

This app also has cool features like using the search bar, you can easily go to Wikipedia through the app and it also contains the full Nigerian Constitution. It’s one of the best Nigerian Current Affairs Apps and it’s available for Android users alone.

5. Nigerian Constitution

Nigerian Constitution app

If you’re big on the Nigerian constitution, then here is another really useful application you should consider installing on your mobile device. The Nigerian Constitution app developed by Cloud 9 Tech is a highly accessible, easy to use app version of the Constitution of Nigeria the supreme law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with its 1st, 2nd and 3rd Amendments.

The current constitution was enacted on 29 May 1999, inaugurating the Nigerian Fourth Republic. This is a must-have current affairs app for every Nigerian, parent and child, teacher and student, and geeks.

These apps will give you insights into the history of our fatherland, there are not too many Nigerian current affairs apps out there, but these ones have all the information you need and they’ll serve you well with the whole information on Nigeria.

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