Best Note Taking Apps for Android 2022

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

Why do we need a note-taking application? Well, we wouldn’t say that all smartphone users should have a note app installed, but for people who tend to forget the tiniest of things, I’d say a note-taking app will do a lot of good. These apps let Android users keep vital documents they wouldn’t want to forget, things like events, work stuff and all.

In this article we’ve made a list of the best note-taking applications which one can use on their Android devices. These apps have features which either is similar or different from each other. Whilst some has lesser features, others got many features which of course would prove useful to users.

Let’s get right into it!

List of the Best Note-taking Apps for Android Phones

The note apps which will be listed below are not in the order of preference, and that’s to say that you can likely choose the one that best suits your needs. Let’s get started.

1. Google Keep

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

I’d say that Google Keep is one of the best note-taking apps which one can use on their Android smartphone. Google Keep is that note app that will let you set up alarm reminders for your events and activities which you’d not want to forget. Google Keep had got amazing features like adding images to notes, searching and grouping with labels. This note application is your best choice.

Google Keep Features

  • Lets you make the creation of notes and lists
  • You can also add colours to notes
  • Google Keep will allow you to add photos and drawings and at the same time lets you draw on photos you add.
TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

2. Evernote

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

Evernote is another note-taking app for Android that helps you to focus on what matters, and also allows you to access your information whenever you’d need it. Evernote is a very beautiful and material designed note app with an amazing user interface that enables you to keep things organized. You can add web pages, and images while taking notes in the application.

Evernote Features

  • Evernote makes things easy, with it you can easily attach PDFs, Photos and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Evernote serves as an event planner, you can easily use it to write down your thoughts and turn them into memos.
  • Evernote will allow you to organize memos, bills, invoices and receipts
TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

3. Microsoft OneNote

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

OneNote allows you to sync your written and saved notes across devices, which would enable you to access them anytime and anywhere. OneNote lets you draw and clip things, make a digital sketchbook on your smartphone. This application is flexible and very easy to use. OneNote is among the best note-taking apps on Android devices. Get it now and organize your thoughts, discoveries and ideas in a note.

Microsoft OneNote Features

  • You can easily scan documents, write notes and also clip valuable contents from the web
  • You can always use OneNote to write down thoughts and ideas that cross through your mind
  • OneNote allows you to sync notes on multiple devices for easy modification from different users

4. ClevNote

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

ClevNote is just like a memo application that allows users to write their necessary memos on a daily basis. You can use this application to note down things like bank account numbers, birthday events. This app helps serve as your to-do list, and you can also note your favourite sites URLs so you can easily copy and paste them on your browser tab when you need to use them.

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Cleveni Inc.

Price: Free+

5. ColorNote

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

Experience a quick and simple notepad editing function with ColorNote application. This note-taking app gives users access to write down their important events, messages, emails, and to-do lists which they wouldn’t want to forget. ColorNote app does feature two different types of note-taking formats and they can easily be understood and used on Android phones.

ColorNote Features

  • Lets you keep different notes by colour
  • Has a sticky note memo widget that can be applied to your home screen
  • You can protect your notes buy using its password lock note options
TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Notes

Price: Free

6. My Notes

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

My Notes is a beautiful and elegantly designed notepad for Android devices which comes with Google Drive cloud syncing. This application has marked it’s placed as one of the best note-taking apps for Android. You can enjoy features such as; adding reminders, organizing notes by folders, saving and searching of notes. The most amazing feature here is that you can lock the app to prevent privacy intruders.

My Notes Features

  • Applock feature that will let lock notes and unlock using pin, fingerprint
  • Lets you add reminders and folders
  • You can store large notes, it also has a dark mode feature
TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: KreoSoft

Price: Free+

7. FairNote

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

FairNote is that note-taking application that lets users experience speed and efficiency while writing notes on their Android smartphones. With the reminder feature available, you can keep track of your tasks and activities. With FairNote application, you can organize your written notes using tags, labels and amazing colours. FairNote is a good note application to use.

FairNote Features

  • Protect notes with AES-256 encryption
  • You can easily backup and restore notes using Google Drive, Dropbox or Storage
  • Lets you receive shared texts from other apps
TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Tarique

Price: Free+

8. LectureNotes

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)

If you’re a student, teacher, or an academic worker, then LectureNotes application would prove useful to you. This app can be used in jotting down notes while in class or work meetings. How to use this app? LectureNotes can be used in note-taking by handwriting on the screen. It has got a lot of features and a good user interface which gives it’s users complete access to all their written notes on their Android phone

TOP! Best Note Taking Apps for Android (2022)
Developer: Acadoid Developer

Price: $6.99


So here are the best note taking applications to download and use on Android devices. These apps do help users to write and save things which they wouldn’t want to forget. They also offer features which would prove very useful to the needs of users. You can download and use whichever you like.

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