Best Students Pad for Taking Notes and their Prices in India

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Writing has been an element of passion to learned people. Just like we are going cashless in the economy, similarly now even paper use is additionally being minimized by the invention of digital e- writers. The writing pad is need of the kids and students.

The digital writing pads are great for letting your kids write anything they need. Because the digital pads aren’t the same because the tablet computers, it’s relatively inexpensive. With the LCD screen and also the pen that works on the pressure, you’ll easily write, sketch, and erase the same from the digital E-writing pads.

Be it the children or the adults, everyone can use these excellent devices. If you’re searching for the simplest digital e-writing pads in India, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we are sharing the list and also the review of the most effective digital writing pads in India, which you’ll find useful for your kids or yourselves…

They even include memory so practically it’s like having a notebook in the end.

And Digital E-writers with memory is absolutely a boon for the people of this century, especially for users who are addicted to writing.

E-writer pads can essentially save a decent amount of paper. Hence it’s both environment-friendly and economical because it replaces 10 notebooks.

Furthermore, it’s portable and a few have a memory which means you’ll carry it anywhere you want and may save your work in it.

Best Digital E-Writing Notepads in India: Best gadget for taking Notes

1. Portronics Por-713 Portable Ruffpad E-Writer 9.0

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Portronics Por-713 LCD E-Writer features a bigger screen around 9 inches which provides a huge area for doing all kinds of writing tasks like taking notes, memo, drawing, etc.

Use this type of digital writing pad for online teaching as well.

This writing pad features:

  • The pressure-sensitive screen allows you to create thin as well as thick lines.
  • One-touch button: There is not any need to worry ease all of your unsaved or not needed work with a press of a button.
  • Durable case and recessed screen are making it safe to require it with you anytime and anywhere.

Price: 1,480.00

2. Boogie Board Sync LCD eWriter with Memory

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

This is one of the best LCD writing tablets with memory in India amongst other. It’s the most features starting with a 9.7 inch LCD screen.

Probably the only digital notepad with Bluetooth & storage mentioned in my whole article. And which solely due to the actual fact they’re less available in the market right now.

Product Highlights:

  • Write memos, shopping lists, to-do, take notes just on this LCD writing tablet as you are doing on physical notebooks.
  • Save: because it is the only digital writing pad with memory in India. So you’ll be able to effectively sync & share your important work in the internal storage.
  • Sync and Share: Only an e-writer pad to own this feature.
  • Share or sync your work using Bluetooth. Also, you’ll be able to share your work with Evernote.

Price: 13,299.00


3. Portable RuffPad E-Writer (Writing Pad)

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Portable RuffPad E-Writer, a writing pad which is a Paperless Child Memo, Drawing, Study, and Handwriting Digital Tablet with Stylus.

Write notes, lists and also doodles without using pen or paper.

Following are the benefits and features of getting this E-writer:

  • The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface enables you to create lines of various thickness based on how hard you push
  • Erase your writings or drawings with the only touch of a button from the erase option.
  • Green writing display in the LCD writing pad. It’s made of durable plastic materials, safe for kids to use.
  • Long-lasting battery backup: It lasts up to months on a single charge.
  • Write over 50k times/words on this device.
  • This handwriting tablet is an ultra-thin and hence making it easy in your backpack or briefcase.
  • Feature lock and un-lock, in order that one can accidentally delete anything from the pad.

Price: 1,660.00

4. QAWACHH 8.5″ LCD Writing Pad Notepad

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

This drawing tablet are often called an all-rounder communicative tablet. This digital notepad sounds like a real paper.

It features:

  • This writing pad is one of the best pressure-sensitive LCD screen for ultimate performance. sounds like a real paper.
  • Write 50,000+ words on a single charge

Price: 1,790.00

5. Elepaio Wicue Portable RuffPad E-Writer (Writing Pad)

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Elepaio Wicue’s ruffpad e-writer is a class product to buy for all kinds of work starting from shopping lists, writing memos to doing mathematics and taking notes.

This device is suitable for homemakers, college students, office goers, etc.

Product Highlights:

  • Pressure-sensitive screen
  • Write up to 50k words
  • 10-inch display
  • Lock & unlock Button

6. Ohuhu LCD Digital Handwriting Pad for Kids

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

This one from Ohuhu is specially designed for toddlers, school, kids and college students who like drawing, practice handwriting as well as scribble.

It comes with 3 different nibs/pens to make different lines of various thickness. The batteries of this writing pad are detachable.

One button of this writing pad is to keep things saved and locked and another button is to erase everything.

This is one of the academic gadgets to gift your children. He or She will adore it pretty much.

7. Kinsound LCD Paperless Memo Digital Tablet Notepad

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Kinsound’s LCD writing tablet with save option is one of the most-selling paperless digital writing pad on Amazon India.

Ultra-thin and pressure-sensitive screen, made up of highly durable ABS plastic which is safe to use by children.

Product Highlight:

  • Easy to carry
  • Battery backup 1 year
  • One-touch erase option
  • Lock & unlock button

This product lives up to the expectation but lacks certain aspects, anyway, it’s an honest product most for children’s work.

8. Proffisy LCD Writing Tablet (Writing Pad)

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Proffisy, is one of the most effective electronic writing pad to shop for in India right now. It’s of excellent in terms of quality & durability.

Made from the newest and more advanced pressure-sensitive LCD screen technology, to form you’re feeling like you’re writing on real paper.

If you’re a lecturer and searching for writing tablets then this the most effective digital writing pad for teaching, large & bright screen, & write over 1 lac words, yeah you read it right!

Product Highlights:

  • 16-inch best in the market screen
  • Battery backup of 6 months
  • Write 100,00+ words on this device

This device is superb for drawing, taking notes, writing, etc, a great deal useful for office goers, kids, and college students. If you are doing a little more search on Amazon, then you’ll see that top-rated & bestselling e-writing pads on Amazon India are from Proffisy.

Note: There’s also a smaller version of this device that has an 11.5-inch screen: Click here to view it.

9. Portronics POR-796 RuffPad

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

Portronics POR-796 RuffPad, a writing pad is a portable 10 inches re-writable LCD e- pad, perfect paperless e- writer with stylus.

It is also a digital notepad for kids activities like drawing, handwriting practise & doing maths.

It is the most effective tablet for taking handwritten notes.

Its features are as follows:

  • A 10 inch LCD Drawing Pad: Very useful for certain activities like Memos, Writing, Reminders, List Making, etc.
  • One-Touch Erase Button: Erase your calculations writings & drawings with just a press of a button.
  • This writing pad is made from highly durable plastic that might easily withstand the pressure of your wrists while taking notes or drawing.
  • Light and Handy: The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface is extremely rugged too.
  • Lock option: Lock your work in order that nobody can delete it.

Price: 1,372.00


10. VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing Tablet

Top 10 Digital E-Writing Pad For Students &Amp; Teachers In India

If you’re searching for a digital writing pad for laptop for online teaching then the VEIKK A15 graphics tablet is one and also the only option for you under 10 thousand in India.

Sadly, most of the writing pads that are available in India do not have the feature of connecting to a computer or laptop.

So either you wish to shop for an iPad or Android tablet with a stylus that may cost you over Rs 35,000 approx.

But there’s the way around you’ll be able to use this graphic tablet to connect to your laptop and write on MS Word or any paint apps.

If you’re a teacher and searching out for an some of the honest ruffpad for online teaching, then this can be the most affordable & doesn’t the work perfectly kind of device.


  • Perfect for both right & left-handed people.
  • Connect to laptop & desktop
  • 10×6 inch active area for writing & drawing
  • Comes with a Pen
  • Works with all popular software.
  • No need to charge it

Price approx: Rs 6,799.00


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