Best Taxi Apps In Nigeria


Nigeria’s taxi industry is growing fast and has become a great help to both the Taxi drivers and the riders, the introduction of Taxi Apps make it simple to navigate about the country without breaking the bank.

Best Taxi Apps In Nigeria

Here are 5 of the top Taxi Apps in Nigeria right now.


Uber has risen dramatically in recent years, primarily in Lagos and Abuja. The service provides a number of additional benefits and is thus a great option for people wishing to hail a cab. It’s also popular since it has an easy-to-use UI that allows you to see exactly where your cab is using GPS as well as how far away your ride is from you. Since its debut in Nigeria in 2014, it has gained in popularity in numerous cities across the country. Furthermore, users can pay for their journeys with cash or credit card.


Bolt, originally known as Taxify, is Uber’s main competitor in Africa, and it has a good reputation for being user-friendly and inexpensive. GPS monitoring and customer help on multiple platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, are among the features of the app. The rating system is very beneficial; it’s as simple as giving your driver a one-to-five star rating after each journey. Bolt now serves Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Jos, and Port Harcourt. You may create an account using Facebook or your email address.

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Without a doubt, inDriver is one of the most convenient ways to navigate around Nigeria’s major cities. If you need a taxi, go no further—you can hail a cab with your smartphone and get picked up swiftly by friendly drivers who are more than eager to take you anywhere you need to go. The costs are cheap, and there are no hidden fees or charges—just open your app and swipe when you need a ride! The best aspect is that there’s no need to worry about driving while intoxicated because drivers are subjected to background checks before they can drive for inDriver.


Rida is a mobile app that connects you with taxi drivers in your area, allowing you to catch a ride anywhere and at any time. However, Rida does not stop there: it also allows users to follow all cabs on their journeys and discover empty taxis in real time. You can even bargain with the driver before you begin your journey. You can use Rida to schedule travel from one state in Nigeria to another. The Rida app was created by former Uber employees from Russia and Armenia.

Rideme Taxi

Rideme Taxi is a ridesharing firm based in Nigeria that was started in 2018. The program, which is available for both Android and iOS, allows users to plan, track, and pay for their taxi ride. This app also has a “Female-for-Female” service option. This means that verified female riders can select female drivers to drive them. In addition, there is an Alarm feature in place in case of an emergency.


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