Today the brand manager posted on Weibo, revealing the setup of the Black Shark 3 – 65W fast charging, 5,000 mAh battery that goes 0-100% in 38 minutes and which can maintain its charging over 800 full cycles.

Black Shark 3 5G battery capacity confirmed (5,000 mAh and 65W fast  charging)

All of these succumb to degradation after 600 cycles as per the Xiaomi exec, meaning Black Shark 3’s power cell is going to be 1/3 more durable, providing proper endurance for a longer time.

Last November we spotted a certification for a Xiaomi phone with a 66W charger codenamed MDY-11-EF. In a new listing at the CCC, we see a Black Shark phone will be compatible with the very same charger, effectively providing another confirmation about the impressive charging speeds. Rumors said we should also expect 16 GB RAM.

Also, the smartphone will come with Snapdragon 865, QHD resolution of the screen and up to 120 Hz refresh rate


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