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Fiverr is one of the world’s largest marketplace for digital services offers both buyers and sellers a digitally streamlined transactional platform. The unique term for a service offered by a seller on Fiverr is called a ‘Gig.’  When creating Gigs, sellers can choose their starting price point. Sellers can take this a step further and offer Gig Packages to buyers by using Gig Packages. These contain multiple price ranges and sellers can offer buyers various and tailored service packages. In this way, buyers can pick and choose from all that’s offered according to their particular requirements.

The service you offer and sell in the marketplace is called a “Gig.” Your Gig is an opportunity to showcase your talent to potential buyers, and to provide them with all the information they may need before they choose to place an order with you.

Creating a Fiverr Gig

To create Fiverr Gig account, follow the steps below

  1. Log in > Switch to Selling > Gigs
  2. Click My Profile > Create a New Gig

Step 1: Gig overview

Gig Title

  • Make sure that your title is short, clear, and to the point.
  • Buyers should recognize the type of service that you offer immediately.
  • Fiverr helps you start with ”I will…”


  • Select the appropriate category and subcategory for your Gig from the drop-down menu. Fiverr recommends these based on your title.
  • You won’t be able to change your Gig’s category after it’s published, so choose carefully and ensure that the category matches the services you’re providing.
    Note: Gaming is not a category. If you provide services related to Gaming, select a category related to Gaming (or define the criteria in the Gig Metadata area further down).
    Example: If your service is Game Design, select Graphics & Design > Game Design

Service Type

  • Choose a service type to make sure that you appear in the search results of the category you selected
    Note: This is only available for certain categories

Gig Metadata

  • Select the relevant criteria for each topic
    Note: This is only available for certain categories

Search Tags

  • Add 1 – 5 words, or phrases, that best describe your Gig
  • Click Save & Continue

Step 2: Scope and pricing

Name your package

  • Describe the details of your offering in the area provided

Delivery Time

  • Use the drop-down to select the number of days it will take for you to complete your Gig
  • Select the various items you’d like to include in your service (Extras).
    Note: This depends on the type of service you are offering.
    Example: If you offer logo design services, you can select options from a predefined list of items, such as the number of logos to include, the source files, or a high-resolution file.


  • Use the drop-down to select the number of revisions you include in your Gig.
  • This is not mandatory, but it is recommended for Gigs that include customization or creation.


  • Select a price for your service—ranging from $5, up to the maximum price for the type of Gig.
  • In certain categories, you have the option to create 3 packages—Click 3 Packages or Try Now. If you create 3 packages, your customized extra services will be available to buyers when they reach the checkout page.
    Exception: Voice Over Gigs have different pricing schemes
    Watch this video to learn more >

Extra Services

You have the option to deliver your Gig Extra Fast and charge accordingly

To set Extra Fast delivery:

  1. My Gig Extras > Extra Fast delivery
  2. Indicate how many days it will take you to deliver
  3. Indicate how much more you will charge
    Note: If you select Extra Fast delivery, the number of days required for the extra fast delivery cancels out the amount of time indicated in your Extra Services. The delivery time must be lower than the regular Gig’s delivery time frame.

You can offer Extra Services for your Gig, which will be available to the buyer during the order process (Optional).

To offer Extras: 

  1. My Gig Extras > Select from the list of items
  2. Click Add Gig Extra > Complete a title (mandatory), description, price, and how long it will take you

Step 3: Description and FAQ

  • Briefly describe your Gig (up to 1,200 characters).
  • Be as detailed as possible so buyers are able to determine if your Gig meets their needs.
  • If you add a URL, only include URLs from Fiverr’s approved list
  • Never add contact information

Step 4: Requirements

Your opportunity to tell buyers what you need in order to start on their order. 
  1. Enter the details of your requirement. Answer Types:

    • Free Text: Buyers can write in their own words
    • Multiple Answer: Answer fields will be displayed.
    • Multiple answers: Buyers must select from the options you provide. You can allow more than one answer.
  2. If you need certain information, mark Answer is mandatory.
  3. Click Add
  4. Finish defining your buyer requirements > Save & Continue

Note: Files up to 5GB can be uploaded and attached.


Step 5: Gallery

Note: You can upload files up to 5GB

Images To be published, Gigs must have at least one image uploaded:

Drag an image/ Browse > Select image

General image guidelines:

  • Upload up to 3 images that represent your Gig
  • Images can be samples of your work
  • Recommended image size: 1280 x 769 px (at 72 DPI)
  • Minimum image size: 712 x 430 (at 72 DPI)
  • Maximum image size: 4000 x 2416 px (at 72 DPI)
  • Resizing images:
    • If you’re using a Mac, use Preview
    • On Windows, use Photo Gallery.
    • Other free tools are available online
  • All images should be owned by you. Don’t use copyrighted images or images downloaded from the internet—or your Gig won’t be approved
Videos To add a video:

Note: This field is mandatory for the Video & Animation category

Drag a video/ Browse > Select video

Once you add a video, it’s used for the thumbnail—in place of a Gig image.

General video guidelines:

  • Make sure that your video is no longer than 75 seconds
  • Make sure that your video is less than 50 MB
  • Never add contact information on your Gig’s video

Recommendation: Mention that your services are offered exclusively on Fiverr

Audio To add audio:

Note: This option is not available in all categories

Drag an audio file/ Browse > Select an audio file

General audio guidelines:

  • Supported formats: mp3 and MPEG
  • Make sure your audio isn’t longer than 3:30 minutes
  • Make sure your audio is less than 10 MB
PDF To add a PDF:

Drag an PDF file/ Browse > Select a PDF

General PDF guidelines:

  • You can upload up to 2 PDF files
  • This field is optional
  • Only the first 3 pages of your PDF will be displayed


After you have completed steps 1-5 > Save & Continue

Step 6: Publish

  1. Click Publish Gig
  2. See the social networks where you can promote your Gig > Click an icon and complete the details
  3. Click Done

    Note: If your Gig contains a video, its status will be labeled as “Pending” until reviewed. Otherwise, it’s labeled as “Active.”

Editing a Gig:

  1. Log in > Gigs
  2. Find the Gig you’d like to edit > From the drop-down list on the right > Edit
  3. Make changes > Save
Important: You can only create your Gigs (and seller account) on a desktop.
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