Diablo 2 Resurrected: How to enter the secret level of the cows?

We explain what are the requirements that you must meet and everything you need to do to enter the level of the cows in Diablo 2: Resurrected, one of the most popular secrets of the game.


  1. Requirements to enter the secret level of the cows
  2. How to enter the level of the cows?

The cow level is one of the best known secrets of Diablo 2 and now, in Diablo 2: Resurrected , the remastering of the Blizzard title also has this very special level that players can visit. As in the past, accessing this secret area involves meeting a series of specific requirements and having certain objects in our inventory . However, the effort is worth it.Next, as part of our guide , in this post we explain in great detail how you can enter the secret level of the cows in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Requirements to enter the secret level of the cows

You should know that in order to enter the level of cows in Diablo 2, you must first meet a series of requirements .

The most prominent entry is that this secret level can only be visited when you have already completed the game at least once . This means that if you want to visit the Cows level on Normal difficulty, then you will first have to end the game and then start a new game on this difficulty (and the same is true for the Nightmare and Hell difficulties).

Knowing this, the next step is to obtain some specific objects with which you will be able to create a portal to go directly to the level of the cows. The objects you need to get and their methods of obtaining are the following:

  • Horadric Cube : Obtainedautomatically as part of the adventure, in mission 2 of Act 2.
  • Wirt’s Leg:To obtain it, go to Tristan through the portal in Stony Field and search among the enemies for Wirt’s lifeless body. Approach him and examine him so you can bring his leg to him.
  • Tome of the city portal:it can be bought quite cheap in the commercial markets.

When you have all these objects, you are ready to proceed to enter the level of the cows.

How to enter the level of the cows?

Well, assuming that you have already passed the game on a difficulty and have started a new game, in addition to gathering the objects that we have explained above, then now we can go directly to the level of the cows (it is something that can be done even from Act 1 of your new game).

To access the secret level of the cows you have to do the following :

  • With all the items gathered, go to the Harpy Camp.
  • Open the Horadric Cubein your inventory.
  • PutWirt’s Leg and the City Portal Tome into the bucket .
  • Now do the transmutationof these two objects.

After carrying out this formula with the cube , a portal will open in front of you that allows you to travel to the secret level of the cows. Be very careful within this level, because it receives its name from some very dangerous cows that appear as enemies, armed with halberds and led by the chief King of the cows .

This level is a great way to level up and farm experience because the cows give a lot with every kill. You can visit the level of the cows whenever you want by following the steps described in this guide. In the past if you killed the King of Cows it was no longer possible to return to this level in the same game, but this is something that has changed in Diablo 2: Resurrected , so feel free to crush those cows and their king every time. you feel like it.

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