Far Cry 5: Guide to Capturing Cultist Outposts

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In this article, you will find helpful tips to help you when capturing outposts in Far Cry 5.

Capturing outposts is the most important activity in the game. These places play a large role and their capture reduces the influence of the cult in this region and opens access to new missions. In this article, I’ll share the most important information about outposts and capturing them.

Where can I find Cultist Outposts?

Outposts are hidden by default and you won’t be able to find them on your map. However, this is not a problem, as I will share with you right now a couple of ways that you can use to find any game outpost without any problems:

  1. Explore the world.
  2. Talk to the NPC. When talking with people who have an exclamation mark over their heads, you can find out the location of the next outpost.
  3. Look for outposts on the map. Such cards can be found on the table in places that belong to your allies.

There are twenty outposts in the game:

  • one outpost on the starting island (prologue),
  • seven outposts in the Holland Valley,
  • eight outposts on the Henbein River,
  • four outposts in the Whitetail Mountains.

You can attack them in any order, but some outposts are very difficult to capture due to their location on the map and the presence of very strong enemies (machine gunners, flamethrowers, etc.).

How do I free an outpost?

The scheme for capturing outposts is the same as in previous games in the series. To capture an outpost, you need to kill all the enemies that are in this territory.

  1. Rely on stealth. Start exploring the camp with your binoculars to mark enemies. Pay special attention to snipers who may be hiding on rooftops or standing next to windows. Use a bow or firearm (pistol / sniper rifle) with a silencer.
  2. Bring specialists with you to silently eliminate guards. Peach and Jess Black are great choices. Be careful and try not to catch the eyes of enemies, as they can raise the alarm and this will complicate the situation. The funny thing is, it doesn’t apply to your allies. Enemies do not raise the alarm and do not shoot at your allies even if they pass through the entire camp. If the enemy raises the alarm, then after clearing the camp you will receive less money. So I advise you to go through stealth or break alarms so that the enemy cannot call for help. You need to destroy several alarms (depending on the size of the camp).
  3. Look for gas cylinders or explosive barrels. Shoot them in order to kill enemies who are standing next to these objects. The “Saboteur” skill will help you destroy parked cars. Also, do not forget to destroy the cages with animals so that they attack your enemies and do all the dirty work for you.

After liberating the outpost, you will receive several hundred resistance points. If you capture an outpost and the enemies do not find you, you will receive a bonus 1000 $. If they were found, but the cultists did not manage to raise the alarm, then you will receive a smaller bonus – $ 400.

The liberated outpost will become the property of the resistance. Enemies or animals may be found in this area, but control over the outpost will remain forever, and you will never lose it.

What are the benefits of a liberated outpost?

  1. New missions. After liberating the outpost, you get new storyline, side and other types of tasks.
  2. Recruiting new people. You have access to recruiting fighters and specialists who can join you in your fight against the cultists.
  3. New shops and fast travel points.
  4. Valuable items. You can also find them in the process of liberating the outpost, but this is very dangerous and risky.

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