Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

How To Check Bvn On Fidelity Bank Mobile App & Ussd

How To Check Bvn On Fidelity Bank Mobile App & Ussd

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code: It is no longer news that you can now carry out transactions from your account at the comfort of your home, office, or even on the streets without visiting the bank or ATM machine stands at any time of the day.

Fidelity Bank has launched a transfer USSD code to enable her numerous customers to perform secure, convenient, and fast transactions. This transfer code is to enable transactions through mobile phones on the registered mobile number with the account even without an internet connection. The transfer USSD code is *770#.

5 Top Features of Fidelity Bank Transfer USSD Code

  1. It is accessible anytime any day, anywhere
  2. It is compatible with all phone types
  3. It does not require mobile data
  4. It is safe, convenient and fast
  5. Transactions are completed in seconds

How to Make Use of Fidelity Bank Transfer USSD Code

With this code, a customer can do a number of things without bank involvement. These things are;

  1. Account opening
  2. Airtime recharge for self and others
  3. Fund transfer to Fidelity Bank users and other banks
  4. Bill payment e.g PHCN, Cable TV bill, etc.
  5. Account balance inquiry
  6. Merchant payment and so on.

How to Transfer Money with the USSD Code

With the transfer of USSD code, you can transfer money from your fidelity bank account to both Fidelity account holders as well as other bank account holders. To transfer money from your Fidelity bank account to another bank account, you simply need to dial 770Account numberAmount#. For instance, if you want to transfer N5000 to a First Bank account holder with account number 3123456789, please dial *7703123456789*5000# from the mobile number you registered with your Fidelity Bank account. After this, the list of banks will come up from which you will then select the Beneficiary Bank Name that is First Bank.

After choosing the beneficiary bank, you are to validate the account details and then confirm the transaction with your PIN. Instantly you will get your debit alert while the person receives the money. If you are doing this for the first time, you will go through account validation and PIN selection by Fidelity bank account number to continue the transfer.

The recipient’s name, account number, and bank will be displayed before you will be required to input the last four digits of your debit card. This helps you to verify that you’re not sending money to a wrong account.

In the case, you have two accounts with Fidelity Bank, such that it’s a current and saving account registered with the same mobile number, your current account will be debited first before your savings account.

As soon as you complete the transaction, you will instantly get the debit alert indicating that your transfer was successful.

If you want to transfer to a fidelity bank account, simply dial *770# and select the option of transfer after selecting a bank account. Follow through the prompt to make a transfer to a fidelity bank user. It is important to note that the maximum amount you can transfer per transaction is N10, 000 while the daily maximum transfer limit is N20, 000.

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