FIFA 2022 Review

Reviewing Fifa 22

To be honest, I’m feeling pretty down on this FIFA season. The game has some pronounced changes on the field. It is a fun game developed by creators who undeniably love the sport and truly care about gamers’ opinions. Unfortunately, FIFA 22 has also been developed by publishers who are unable to change certain issues that keep recurring with every new version while the debate has surely evolved.

Reviewing Fifa 22

Starting with the positives, speed issues from 2019 are now fixed. Now a speedy player is remarkably faster than an average defender. FIFA 20 respected the idea that pace is so important to modernist soccer.

By the way, the recent Strafe Dribbling labeled CRAB WALKING by the gamers is back in the scene after an interruption in 2017. The mighty tactic is well adapted to the latest version in particular and has now overcome the famous EL TORNADO cross auto goal. One trick is baiting the defense in with strafe dribbling and beating them with pace and skill. It’s enjoyable and maybe a little too efficient. Yet surely better than a simple Left Stick Dribble.

Reviewing Fifa 22

Tossing around und the ball is now easier just like it’s supposed to be. Shoots in 2019 were way too uncertain, especially when it comes to “One on Ones.” 2020 shoots are so precise. We finally said goodbye to the latest larks that defy gravity. Also, whilst the tearing time-limited mini-games reappear this year, they definitely minimized their power.

The game now feels more real when it comes to scorings, which preferable as FIFA is a soccer simulation by definition. Kicks from the center to wings are remarkably realistic.

One other thing is that defense was made better by improving the switch motion between players. Sadly it doesn’t work every time. Plus, when it’s manual, the defending drives you into bringing the ball to the closest player instead of simply giving the task to the computer and letting you use the center player.

Furthermore, this year’s ball isn’t the best as keeps bobbling while it moves through the field, though it has an artistic aspect, it gives it once more the illusion of realism. The FIFA 22 ball is still shallow even if the effort put into it physically speaking is noticeable, it actually feels quite dull in sideways movements. It’s a shame that it strives with new curves that were added in passes coming from outside the foot.

In general, FIFA 22 provides you with a satisfying soccer game. The pace is where it’s supposed to be, scoring sound more real than the year before, and shoots are more practical. It gives you a nicer play than its predecessor, but it’s far from being the best of all. Though it’s pretty fun, you could easily enjoy the game.

What worries me is that no arrangement has been made to the issues concerning the prizes.

Reviewing Fifa 22

I think FUT is amazing. Assembling your own soccer team to pit it against the adverse is on it’s a great idea. This time menus are remarkably handier. You could have as many friendly games as you would like with your UT, finally making some irrelevant modes -survival or no rules mode- finally useful.

Nevertheless, realizing FUT still gets on with a shy attitude was a shock to me. More odds for packs highlight the rare chance that you have to win a higher rank footballer. I then found out than some stars are exclusive in time.

A pass for battles has been added to FUT mode, which makes me think FIFA has to give in in the future while prices are more and more fallacious. This is where you earn skill by going through with achievements, then unlocking cosmetic articles, boxes, and ultimately a high-rank player to keep. On top of that, it is free. I truly wish the publisher focuses on it in the story of FIFA 22 on its way to the next PlayStation and Xbox.

Moving on to VOLTA mode, it’s a street mode version of the FIFA22 game with a backstory and enabling males and females to be part of one team. It’s not that good of a story. It’s all about a player joining a street soccer squad, and dreaming of making climbing all the way up to fame. It all crushes when the player endures a real bad ligament accident. The story also has a sexist bad guy.

Reviewing Fifa 22

I don’t think this mode is practical for a long, as it becomes less and less exciting, the deeper you go into the game. The best play experience is lived at that moment where your brain makes connections while the players interact. The elements only rush into their spots when they think you’re watching.

As much as FIFA has numerous skill moves, there is still a big concern with it: there is no precise command of the ball.

Volta consists aside from the story on making a player, then forging him, and buying clothes for him. If you ask me to put Volta in an image, it would be one of a 40-year-old trying so hard to look cool, but he doesn’t. After all, finishing on FTU could be the best idea as it is now the definition of experiencing a FIFA game.

Media overlooked Their policy, which requires you to pay if you’re willing to win, their manipulative prizes, and filthy discounts during all this time because it’s simply the “Great and Mighty” FIFA. I wonder everybody seems to forget that this is soccer rather than some random war movie.

Even though it has all of that, FIFA 20 remains better than FIFA 19. After so many rounds with high ranked European players, I can say FIFA 22’s quite a laugh.

In a few words, the game is unfortunately sabotaged by selfish corporates who obstinately refuse to make the right choice. Just like actual soccer, indeed.


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