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If something characterizes Apple products, it is the reliability they usually enjoy. However, that does not mean that both the device itself and the software or applications may suffer errors at some point. In this case we want to talk to you about the Apple Watch and the fact that one or some applications are not able to open on the device, giving you the different solutions you can choose to mitigate this failure.

What can cause this problem?

Before going fully into the solutions to the problem, we believe that it is best for you to know what are the possible causes that may lead to one or more applications not being able to open on your Apple Watch, obviously making it impossible to use the same. As you can see, the causes of this problem are various and depending on this you will have to apply one solution or another. Here is a list of the different causes that may be causing this situation.

  • A software update can be, in some cases, the cause due to the fact that the app presents some incompatibility with the new version.
  • Have a beta version of watchOS installed .
  • Have full Apple Watch storage .
  • Not having enough RAM available.
  • The removal of the application from the App Store can cause this to stop working and have even installed.

Do this if you want to fix these problems

Once you know the possible causes of the problem that is preventing you from opening the application, it is time to put on the table the solutions that will usually solve this error and allow you to continue enjoying your Apple Watch and the applications that you have installed on it. Let’s go with it.

Keep your Apple Watch up to date

The first thing we always recommend, like Apple, is to keep the Apple Watch updated to the latest version of watchOS available . Not only to avoid the appearance of this type of errors but to stop, first of all, with all the possible security settings, since this is a point that Apple always puts in value, the security and privacy of the users of your devices, as well as, secondly, having the latest features available.

However, on many occasions the updates come out to correct errors that both users, developers and Apple itself have detected, and perhaps one of them is the cause of the application opening on the Apple watch. Therefore, it is always recommended to have the Apple Watch updated, so, if you are having problems opening a specific application and you do not have the latest version, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. On the iPhone, open the app from the Apple Watch.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Go to Software update.
  4. Download and install the latest version of watchOS.

Don’t install betas on Apple Watch

We continue talking about the operating system of the Apple Watch, in this case we want to talk to you about the watchOS betas. There are many users who usually install beta versions of the different Apple operating systems on their devices. However, something happens with watchOS that does not happen with other operating systems, and that is that once you install a version, you cannot go back .

With this in mind, by installing a beta version of watchOS you risk having to live with bugs until Apple fixes them in a later update. However, the appearance of bugs in a beta version is the most common since these versions are just for that, to detect errors from each to the official launch of the same for all the public. Therefore, under no circumstances do we recommend that you install a watchOS beta on an Apple Watch that you will always use in your day-to-day life.

Check your connection with the iPhone

As you well know, the Apple Watch is not yet a completely independent device , since it needs to always, or almost always, be connected to an iPhone to offer all its functionalities and give the users of this smartwatch a great experience of Username. Therefore, this is another point that you have to take into account if an application is failing you.

Usually this is not the case, since really, although sometimes the Apple Watch depends on the iPhone , the applications are installed inside the device and should work even if the iPhone is not connected to the Apple Watch at that very moment. However, it is possible that some application, due to some process that was badly executed inside the device, and because the iPhone is not near the clock, will not open. Therefore, if this is happening to you, try to bring the iPhone to the Apple Watch and check that both are paired.

Is the application still available?

Many times the solution, or rather in this case, the problem is much easier to identify than it may seem at first. On many occasions, both in the Apple Watch, as in the iPhone, iPad or Mac, when an application stops working it really is not because something strange has happened, perhaps there is not even a problem, simply that said application has been eliminated from the App Store and therefore has stopped working.

To be able to check if this is your case, all you have to do is go to the App Store and check if that app is available for download. However, the usual thing, even if the application cannot be downloaded, is that, at least as long as it is compatible with the operating system, said app continues to function normally.

Reinstall the app

We are now going with one of the most typical solutions whenever there are problems with a specific application, and that is that this action works both for the Apple Watch and for any device, be it an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac or an iPod. On some occasions, when downloading the applications, there may be an error that is not visible and that in this way, the installation is incomplete and hence errors may occur later.

The solution to this is very simple, and that is that all you have to do is delete the application from the Apple Watch and then reinstall it within the device . In this way you make sure that, at least the installation, has been done correctly and you rule out this error as a possible cause that said app does not open on your Apple watch.

Restore the device

The solutions are running out, but without a doubt this is one of the most typical and, usually, one of the most often capable of solving problems, again regardless of the device we are talking about. Most of the time, the error is preceded by a software failure, either through the operating system or through the application itself. Therefore, if this is the reason why the application in question does not open on your Apple Watch, surely a restoration of the device will make everything work as normal as it should.

When restoring the Apple Watch, both the operating system and the applications that you install will do so from scratch, and the most common thing is that the installation process is done cleanly and without errors , which will allow you to enjoy the application that Until now, I was failing you. It is true that it is a somewhat tedious solution since you will have to invest a part of your time in restoring the entire Apple Watch, but it really is something that is worth it because it solves many errors and because, in addition, it will make the device work better.

Contact the developer

The solutions to this problem are running out, and possibly if you have reached this point it will be because none of those that we have proposed so far has had the desired effect, and therefore, you still cannot use this application on your Apple Watch. It may be the case in which the user cannot really do anything at all to solve the problem of said application, because the problem is really the app itself .

In this case, what we recommend you do is that, if possible, you contact the developer of the application itself to explain your case and the error you are suffering. In this way, if it is widespread and many users are capable of manifesting this error, the application developers can realize the situation and work to solve it as soon as possible.

Could it be a hardware problem?

We finish the post with another of the possible causes of the error that you are suffering in the Apple Watch and that prevents you from opening one or more applications, especially, in this case, if you are having problems with more than one application that closes in a way unexpected or that just won’t let you open them. In case this happens, and it is not something from a single application, it is possible that the cause of this problem is the Apple Watch itself .

The behavior of many applications closing unexpectedly is not only something that can happen on the Apple Watch, but on any device that has RAM memory, which is all. And this is precisely what is failing you on your device if many applications are closing unexpectedly, and as we mentioned before, you really can’t do anything to solve it.

In this case, what we recommend is that you contact Apple so that they can do an analysis of how the Apple Watch is inside to see if it really is having a hardware problem that has to do with the device’s RAM memory. You can do it in several ways, through Apple’s own Support app , through the customer service phone number, 900 812 703 , or directly by going to the Apple Store itself .


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