10 Best GTA 5 Mods You Should Try In 2020 Amazing GTA V Mods

Download GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb data which works on all GPU for Android, GTA 5 Lite Apk minimizes your device memory space, and supports wide varieties of Android device without any issues, this lite version of the GTA mobile can run smoothly on low end Android phones.

Here is the latest GTA V lite Apk and Obb file, which can now run smoothly on all Android device irrespective of their versions, it is available for all the three main GPUs for Android Mobile phones. It’s a fan base mod that looks like the official GTA 5 PC, Xbox, Play Station version by Rockstar games, it comes with cheat, same vehicles, same character and environment.

GTA 5 Lite Apk runs offline, because you don’t need any internet connection to play the game, even though the initial size of the game was 200 MB but to ensure stability of the game on all Android device.

Game size is 100 MB and has been tested to work on all Android device.

The on-screen control of GTA 5 lite Android works smoothly without any hanging issues, you can control or navigate round the city easily, also pick up items with the control buttons.

Grand Theft Auto V Lite Apk for Android being a gangster game, you will always fight with rival gang members, Police etc.

Complete missions in which you are assigned to do using the point marked on the map, you will be rewarded with some in game money which enables you purchase in game items to enhance your game play.


Download GTA 5 Lite Apk Data For All Android GPU

Check your device architecture whether it is arm6 above based or x86 32-bit processor using this app called Droid Hardware Info .


Apk:  GTA 5 Lite Arm7 Apk


Obb: Obb GTA 5 Lite Arm7

X86 Based Device Version (Android device with lower chip set)

 GTA 5 Lite x86 Apk  

 Obb GTA V Lite x86   

How To Install GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb

To install GTA 5 Lite is very easy compare to when installing the full version. You just need to carefully follow the simple steps below to guide you on how to set up the game easily.

You will need Zarchiver app for android to extract the obb file you downloaded above. Zarchiver Pro Apk

Steps To Install are:

  1. Download  > Zarchvier App apk or use any Zip, Rar file extractor that you have.
  2. click on the GTA 5 obb Lite RAR file you downloaded above using Zarchvier.
  3. Option menu will come up, then click extract and go to Phone or Device Memory.
  4. Click Android folder.
  5. Inside Android Folder click Obb folder also.
  6. Now click extract icon which looks like a arrow pointing downwards, to start extracting obb file.
  7. Now you can Install GTA 5 Lite Apk.
  8. Finally open GTA 5 Lite Game in your App menus, and start playing offline.

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