GTA Online: How to get the Serial Killer’s Secret Navy Revolver

Here we discover everything you have to do to find the clues to the mission of the GTA Online serial killer and how to locate him to unlock the hidden weapon Navy Revolver.


  1. How to start the GTA Online serial killer mission?
  2. Location of the 5 tracks of the serial killer
  3. How to find and kill the serial killer?

The Navy Revolver is one of the secret and special weapons that we can get in GTA Online through a mission that Rockstar added to multiplayer to promote Red Dead Online . In this section of our guide we are going to tell you step by step how to activate the GTA Online serial killer mission and where to find its clues to be able to complete it and unlock the Navy Revolver, in addition to winning up to $ 450,000 in total .

How to start the GTA Online serial killer mission?


The mission of the serial killer, also known as the murderous slasher from GTA Online, was added to multiplayer through the Heist to The Diamond Casino update in December 2019 (not included in the PS3 and Xbox360 versions).

This mission of the GTA Online serial killer can be done at any time without having to wait for any email on our mobile. Unlike previous missions that are related to the Red Dead Redemption 2 promotion, such as Scavenger Hunt (with the Double Action Revolver) and Maude’s Bounty Hunter (with the Stone Ax).

That is, in any public or private session you start you can start looking for a series of clues related to the serial killer to end up finding it and obtaining the Navy Revolver for your inventory.

Location of the 5 clues of the serial killer

The GTA Online serial killer’s mission is to find a total of 5 clues related to this mysterious character in order to locate him. All the tracks can be searched at any time and are spread over different places on the map. Every time you examine one of these clues, you will hear haunting sounds and will receive $ 10,000 and 2,000 RP for your character.

The first four clues are in fixed, specific locations and can be investigated in any order you like, while the fifth and final clue can appear in 5 random locations in Blaine County. To help you locate all the clues , we show you their exact locations below:

Serial Killer Clue # 1: “Can you find me?”

  • Clue Location: Itis written on a concrete wall in a Cherry Pie Farm building in Great Chaparral.
  • Type of hint: itis a one painted with white letters that says “Can you find me?”

Serial Killer Clue # 2: Severed Hand

  • Runway Location:Northwest of the Sandy Shores Airfield runway, on the ground amidst some garbage bags and debris.
  • Track type: itis a severed hand.

Serial Killer Clue # 3: Bloody Machete

  • Track location:nailed to a wooden barn wall in Grapeseed.
  • Clue type: it‘s a bloody machete.

Serial Killer Clue # 4: Bloodstain from a Hand

  • Track Location: Itis behind the main Bayview Lodge building, in Paleto Forest (at the door of a bathroom).
  • Clue type: itis a bloody hand stain on a door.

Serial Killer Clue # 5: Speedo Van

  • Clue Location: Itcan appear in 5 possible random locations in Blaine County (go take a look at each one until you locate it).
  • Track type: itis a black Speedo van that has bloody bags and other objects inside.

Here below we leave you the 5 possible places of the fifth track.

How to find and kill the serial killer?

After you have examined the 5 clues left by the serial killer in GTA Online, you will receive a threatening text message from the killer telling you that he will try to kill you.

From now on, in order to find the serial killer, you have to travel to Blaine County and wait for him to try to attack you by surprise. Please note the following:

  • The serial killer will only appear:in Blaine County during the night, between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  • In addition, the murderer:will come out of your field of vision by surprise (for example, trying to attack you from behind).
  • One of the best places to meet himis the Sandy Shores airstrip.

What we recommend is that you travel to the airstrip during the aforementioned hours and stand outside waiting for the serial killer to appear to attack you. Prepare any weapon in your hands to kill him as soon as you see it, since that is the objective for which we have come this far. Thus, when you kill him, you will immediately receive the Navy Revolver weapon (and an additional $ 100,000 reward).

How to get $ 200,000 with the Navy Revolver

Additionally after obtaining the Navy Revolver you will receive a notification on the screen that tells you that if you manage to kill 50 players or NPCs with the revolver you will get these two prizes:

  • A GTA $ reward:a total of $ 200,000 .
  • A variant of the Navy Revolver:for Red Dead Online (you have to log in with your linked Social Club account to get it).

These challenge kills with the Navy Revolver can be done in both PvP and PvE and in missions where you can use weapons.

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