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The Montreal app Coinmiles wants to bring points programs to the world of cryptocurrencies. Like a rewards program like Air Miles, Coinmiles rewards us with bitcoins for the purchases we make in participating stores.

The world of cryptocurrencies is in full swing, while currencies like Bitcoin or Etherum are becoming more and more democratized. A lot of people are starting to take an interest in it, and it’s no surprise that a cryptocurrency reward program has sprung up.

Coinmiles is therefore a free reward program that redistributes Satoshi, which are fractions of bitcoins, for purchases made from participating merchants.

Hundreds of Canadian businesses on Coinmiles

A quick tour of Coinmiles allows us to see that there are hundreds of Canadian merchants affiliated with the reward program.

There are as many electronics, fashion and outdoor shops as goods of all kinds.

Of the lot, we find in particular as partner businesses in Coinmiles:

  • Best Buy
  • Wholesale Office
  • Expedia
  • The source
  • The Senza
  • Reno-Depot
  • Sail
  • Simons
  • Walmart

So for each purchase we make, we receive a percentage of the total amount that is redistributed to us in bitcoin.

The percentage generally varies between 0.5% to 5%, but some go as far as offering 10% or 25%.

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