How does Photomath work?

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v Photomath saves time and tutoring, and promotes children’s learning, but also that of parents in math. The solution is at your fingertips.

Each new school year causes a lot of headaches for parents, especially concerning this crucial subject that is mathematics.

But parents and teachers, if you cannot explain certain concepts to your children and students, rest assured, because this proven application is online.

The free application is made up of concepts verified by mathematicians, and which will be explained step by step. Whether solving simple problems, algebra, geometry, trigonometry or statistics, the app guides you step by step.

Photomath helps solve equations of different levels, while being described as a calculating camera that acts as a teacher.

Winner of several awards and ranked in the top 10 for educational applications, it is already used by a million teachers around the world.

How does Photomath work?

The app, created by a dad overwhelmed with his children’s math homework, can be downloaded on his smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, via the App Store or Google Play.

Available in French, Photomath asks to take a photo in the study book used by your child or teenager of the question to be answered, whether it is handwritten or printed. Thus, the detailed approach can be analyzed. It is also possible to enter a problem on the keyboard and the solution will appear.

Teachers can integrate it into their routine and thus make mathematics a problem-solving game. Learning is encouraged and students will learn in an interactive setting on this medium.

Paid options also exist and they offer other advantages, such as visuals, more details and the possibility of looking in books for solutions.

Photomath has been downloaded over 100 million times not only on the App Store but also on Google Play. There is no advertising on this application, which many Internet users appreciate.

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