How is Vysor configured to control the cell phone?

Making use of Vysor has some complexity, this due to the great management functions that it offers us as users. To use Vysor, you must download and install its extension. Once downloaded, install the ADB controls> connect your mobile device to the pc> debug the files> complete the steps that the extension asks for. If you still did not understand how it works, stay until the end of this blog and discover different ways to do it.

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  1. What is the official page to download Vysor?
  2. What are the steps to install Vysor?
  3. How is Vysor configured to control the cell phone?
    1. Control Android system
    2. With an iOS phone
  4. What are the benefits of being able to control my cell phone from my computer?

What is the official page to download Vysor?

We can find the necessary links when visiting the ‘downloads’ section on the official Vysor page , and once there, we must know that, to use Vysor, we require 2 components, which are:

Vysor works with two versions, a browser version (which has some limited functionalities) and another version that you can download and install on your PC or MAC, and which provides the Vysor experience in its entirety, without restrictions, unlike the browser version.

On the other hand, regarding the mobile device (Phone or Tablet), it is strictly necessary that we have the Vysor application downloaded and installed ( updated to its latest version to avoid malfunction problems) and that Vysor’s performance is not the same.

If you are an Android user, just look for it directly in the Google Play Store, now, if you are an Apple user then you must go to your App Store and once there, download it. It is very important that you download the Vysor application through the official application stores, so that you will have downloaded the latest version of the app.

What are the steps to install Vysor?

To install Vysor on your computer, whether it uses MAC or Windows. Once it’s downloaded, just follow these steps:

    1. Run the installation program.
    2. Give ‘yes’ to the approval of administrator permissions (Windows users only).
    3. Wait for the installation window to finish(this program does not have an installation wizard, just by running the installer, the program will perform and finish the installation, without the need for manual intervention as usual).

How is Vysor configured to control the cell phone?

Vysor as a screen reproduction program is very useful as well as versatile. However, the process carried out to control our mobile device (Apple or Android) from the computer is somewhat long and requires some special permissions to function properly.


Although it seems complex, it is not impossible to do. Therefore, below we leave you a complete guide so that you learn to use Vysor from your Apple mobile and do not fail in the attempt, you just have to follow all the steps:

Control Android system

For Vysor to work on Android devices (Android 4.1.0 or higher) it is necessary that we first activate the ‘USB debugging’, which we can find in the Developer Options , to go to the panel of these options on our mobile just follow this steps:

  1. Open the ‘settings’ app.
  2. Go to the option ‘about phone’.
  3. Enter the ‘software information’ section.
  4. Make 7 taps on the line that says: ‘Build number’(with each tap the system will show pop-up messages that say ‘You are steps away from being a developer’.
  5. Once the necessary touches have been made, the message: ‘You are already a developer!’ Will be displayed.
  6. Return to the main list of the settings application.
  7. Enter the category ‘developer options’.
  8. Turn on the main switch in the developer settings section.
  9. Activate the ‘USB debugging’ option in the ‘debugging’ section.

Once the ‘USB Debugging’ is activated, we are ready to complete the second process. To do this, follow these steps to the letter:

  1. Open Vysor Desktop App if we use the downloadable one, or, failing that, open the Web App.
  2. Open Vysor App on the Android Smartphone.
  3. Connect the Smartphone to the computer via USB cable.
  4. Approve the USB debugging permissions of the computer on the mobile.
  5. Click on the ‘Play’ buttonnext to the name of our device on the computer.
  6. At this point, your mobile screen should load into the Vysor window on your computer.

Once you have the screen projected on your computer, you only need to manipulate your phone through the PC using the mouse, keyboard, and the 3 special keys that can be seen in the bottom bar of the projection (Back, Start and tasks ).

With an iOS phone

Now, to use devices with iOS operating system, the process varies a bit from Windows to MAC. If your computer has a Windows system, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vysor Desktop App, or the Web App from the Vysor website.
  2. Connect the device via a USB Lightning cable.
  3. Accept the USB debugging request.

To connect with your MAC system computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vysor Desktop App, or the Web App from the Vysor website.
  2. Connect the device via a USB Lightning cable.
  3. Pair the Apple device with the MAC computer via Bluetooth (Performed only on the first use of Vysor on each computer).

Remember to activate the ‘Assistive Touch’ function on the phone or tablet to be able to use the mouse to control the playback of the device.

What are the benefits of being able to control my cell phone from my computer?

Although it may seem more a whim than a tool to have our mobile ‘playing on our computer screen’, with this tool, you can have all the information you have on your mobile at your fingertips on your computer. In addition, it facilitates the use of our mobile to carry out work that involves writing or simply some tasks at the university, this because it is faster to write using the physical keyboard of the PC than when using the touch keyboard.

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