How much can you earn a week playing Wanaka Farm?

It is difficult to find a person in the whole world who has never dreamed of having a farm with animals , crops and also a lot of land. Almost everyone at some point in their life dreams of owning all of these things. If you have this type of thinking, you can fulfill your dream online.

Wanaka Farm is a farming game that allows you to do all the things that are done on the field. Sure, this is just a virtual thing and it’s not real at all, but it can still be used to kill the boredom when you have nothing to do.

Next, we are going to be showing you how to sell animals at Wanaka Farm, how to buy animals at Wanaka Farm , how much money you get from selling an animal at Wanaka Farm. Also what is the estimated cost of a plot of land at Wanaka Farm.

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  1. What is the predicted price for the Wanaka Farm land?
  2. Can you buy and sell the animals on your farm?
  3. How much can you earn with each animal on your account?

What is the predicted price for the Wanaka Farm land?

The creators of the Wanaka Farm over time have been implementing new things to the game and that includes buying and even selling land within the game . Many of the players have been asking how much money the lands will cost, in order to collect the money.

In case you didn’t know, the price of each land varies depending on the type of land it is. So far there are at least three types of land , which are: forest, lake, sea and simple lands. These are the types of land available so far within Wanaka Farm.

Now, within these terrains you can play in different random ways which are: immortal, mythical, legendary, rare, uncommon and also common. It’s a bit weird, this whole game mode thing. But to tell the truth they are very helpful because each of these ways benefits you in a certain sense for the development of your planting.

The value of all these lands always varies because the game regulators so decide. That is why you cannot place an estimated price , as it will be wrong. But what we can tell you is that a simple piece of land can be worth $ 200. In case you did not know, when you are playing with your iPhone you can make it sound to feel like you are inside the adventure of Wanaka Farm.

Can you buy and sell the animals on your farm?

Earlier we said that with the Wanaka Farm you could grow plants and also have livestock, which is very true. However, you must buy your own animals in order to raise them and once they are larger, proceed to sell them if you see it appropriate.

Animals within Wanaka Farm are purchased from the in-game store called ‘Wanashop’. Inside there you can buy animals , all you want, as long as you have enough money. However, there in the ‘Wanashop’ you can only buy animals. In case you want to sell one of your animals, you will have to enter the ‘Wanatrade’. The ‘Wanatrade’ is another store apart that has nothing to do with the ‘Wanashop’.

The ‘Wanatrade’ is solely for conducting business with other people who also use the game. That is the store for users where you can sell your animals and also buy others . In the ‘Wanatrade’ you can sell your animals, the products you harvest and anything else you buy within the game. If your mobile is Android, it would be good for you to optimize its performance so that the Wanaka Farm does not stick.

How much can you earn with each animal on your account?

During the time the Wanaka Farm is played inside you can buy animals to grow them and then sell them. Each animal in the game has a different price . This can be due to several things which can be: its size, its resistance, the speed to reproduce and with much more rapid growth.

All of these things increase the price of an animal because as long as the animal has any of these improvements, the production of things like milk, meat, cheese and eggs is going to increase. In addition, another thing that also alters the price of the animals is the offer that there is for him at that very moment.

For example, a pig may be worth $ 2, but for a sale or a sudden price change it might cost $ 1 or else $ 5. Because of the variability in its price, an estimate cannot be given. However, you already know that what alters the cost of an animal are its improvements and its promotion.

With these two things you will be very oriented when selling or buying an animal within Wanaka Farm. In addition to playing the Wanaka Farm on your mobile you can also play the mini games that some applications bring.

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