How the WiFi works in OUIGO

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Ouigo is a TGV high-speed train company. A French company launched in 2013 that arrived in Spain in 2020 as an alternative to RENFE trains and boasting of low-price train tickets, of cheap trains that cover some routes in Spain although still scarce, such as Madrid – Barcelona. But despite being cheap trains they also have some services. Of course, almost all of them pay. Therefore, if you are going to travel with this company, we will tell you how the WiFi works in OUIGO or what we must take into account when browsing the Internet.

OUIGO routes are generally cheap and currently only covers routes between Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and Tarragona. The longest journey is less than three hours and you may not need to use Wi-Fi at this time because there is plenty of mobile data you have on your phone. But it is convenient that we take into account the options in case you do not have data, in case you want to see a series or movie on Netflix or simply if you want to work during the trip without doing tethering.

How to contract the WiFi and prices

Is WiFi included in Ouigo? No. The first thing we must bear in mind is that these cheap trains do not allow us to connect to the Internet for free as you can on Renfe AVE trains through the Play Renfe service. Here we cannot connect without any cost, but we have to contract it separately, hire an extra service through the OUIFUN and OUIFI packages that we can add when we get to the platform to get on the train.

Can we hire it before? There are two options: to hire it beforehand on the website or once we are already on the train or on the platform . We must take something into account: Ouigo Plus includes access to OUIFUN so you should check if you have added this extra luggage to avoid paying for the service twice. That is, you will not have to pay OUIFUN and, in addition, Ouigo Plus. Ouigo Plus can be added for an extra nine euros per traveler to our ticket if we buy it online. It not only includes the premium entertainment that we will explain in the next paragraphs, but it also allows you to add priority allocation in XL seats, choice of seat, hand luggage and cabin luggage, additional or XL luggage and this premium entertainment service that we will talk about below.

If you have not chosen the option to upgrade your luggage and choose your seat, you can purchase the Ouigo WiFi packages independently. One, the other or both. We have the option of going to “My reservations” through the website and adding these two services to the journey or, hiring them when we arrive.

  • We connect to the WiFi network RED_OUIGO
  • We introduce the reservation locator and the name
  • We sign up
  • We pay the package that interests us

We can enjoy it throughout the journey.


OUIGO has two different packages or platforms with a price of three euros each, although you can add them for five euros together to enjoy the complete package. One of them gives us entertainment. Other, WiFi. Both can be contracted by connecting to the navigator when we get to the platform or once sitting in your seat on the train, following the steps above.

But it depends on whether you want to watch entertainment content such as series or podcasts or you simply want a WiFi connection that you choose one or the other, so below and we explain the differences, what each one offers, what it is designed for.


OUIFUN is an entertainment plan. An inflight entertainment platform that allows us to access series, movies, documentaries or podcasts. The advantage is that you do not need to be a subscriber to Netflix or HBO or Audible to listen to or watch the content, but we simply have to pay the extra three euros per trip (or hire the OUIGO Plus package ) to access these content from your mobile or the tablet because they are included without the need to sign up for anything else.

The catalog varies, depending on the month or year, but there are movies, games, children’s content, series, documentaries, podcasts or news websites …

We found pod c asts like a cafe secret with Carlos Rios, the accidental traveler, Els Viatgers of the Great Anaconda, Revolution 4.0, On the front, something to say, world science, health and wellness, Great Stories of RFI, castling International. In news we can see Business Planet, Real Economy, Smart Regions, Global Conversations, Unreported Europe, Ocean, Science Report, Travel Report, Culture Report and Daily News. Or magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamor, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, Bottom Cycling, Architectural Digest, GEO, Current Car, Automobile.

We can see children’s animation series such as Rocky Kawterner, Elvis Riboldi, Molang, Oggy and the cockroaches and Mouk. Or series for adults such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Plats Bruts and No One Lives Here. Regarding movies, OUIFUN divides by genre but we find films like Cinema Paradiso, C’est la vie, Coco, Onward, The Lego Movie, Frozen II, Incredibles 2, Creed, Joker, Yesterday, Doctor Dolittle, Hangover in Las Vegas , etc.


The difference between OUIFI and OUIFUN is clear. In this case, what we achieve is to connect to the Internet to have access to any web page you want or to consult social networks, for example. The price is also 3 euros but it does not allow us to access series, films and documentaries unless you are independently subscribed to the train services. You can access the Internet to work , for example, or to browse the pages you want with the WiFi on board.

We must bear in mind that if we want to watch Netflix or HBO with the OUIGO WiFi it will be complicated since on the website they indicate that it is a network with which “to work online, check emails, listen to music, browse your social networks or play low definition short videos ”but streaming may not be allowed or may not be played with the minimum required quality.

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