How to activate the super dark mode of WhatsApp

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20 Oct 2021

Learn to darken your WhatsApp even more through the app settings

Let’s see how to activate the super dark mode of WhatsApp , the popular instant messaging application for iOS and Android mobiles. And it is that after the arrival of the dark mode of WhatsApp in 2020 after a period of testing, now the option of super dark mode is offered , a display mode that darkens the screen even more for unfavorable lighting environments, protects the view of the user and saves even more battery. Learn how to darken your WhatsApp even more with the super dark mode and take care of your mobile battery.

How to activate the super dark mode of WhatsApp

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  • What is the super dark mode of WhatsApp
  • How to activate the super dark mode of WhatsApp

What is the super dark mode of WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s dark mode and the new super dark mode allow you to turn off thousands of pixels on the screen, or reduce its brightness, which benefits the battery and increases its autonomy. In addition, it also has a positive effect on the user’s visual health, since the eyes do not receive as much blue light from the mobile screen. And it is that an excess of exposure to the blue light of the screens causes adverse effects on health, making it more difficult to fall asleep, among other problems. Thanks to the dark mode, all these hiccups are greatly reduced.

Now, those who need a little more darkness in their instant messaging app can enjoy a super dark mode that Facebook has implemented via update to the WhatsApp application . Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the level of darkness and take it further if necessary, darkening all the screen elements even more, reducing the brightness to a minimum.

Thanks to the super dark mode, it is possible to manually calibrate the brightness level of the dark mode itself , increasing or reducing it to suit the user. Less brightness or luminosity, more rest for the eyes and more autonomy for the mobile battery .

How to activate the super dark mode of WhatsApp

Follow the steps below to activate the super dark mode of WhatsApp :

  1. Access the WhatsApp app on your mobile and make sure it is updated to the latest version, both on iOS and Android.
  2. Now click on Settingsthrough the icon with the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Look for the Chatssection .
  4. Once inside, click on Wallpapers.
  5. In order for the new super- dark modebar to appear, you must have dark mode activated ; if you have the clear mode activated, the bar will not appear. In the same way, make sure that you do not have the dark mode of the mobile active .
  6. When you see the superdark mode bar , slide your finger over it to adjust the desired level of darkness for the mobile

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