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How do I add a temporary profile picture on Facebook?

Do you fall under the category of individuals who are unable to update a temporary picture on their Facebook page, if that is your situation, worry less because in this session Boldtechinfo will guide you through on how to achieve this.

When you upload a profile picture from mobile phone, you can choose to have it expire after a set amount of time. Once your profile picture expires, it’ll automatically switch back to your previous profile picture.
To add a temporary profile picture from your mobile phone’s browser:
Log into Facebook on your mobile phone browser.
Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name.
Tap in the bottom right of your profile picture.
Choose a photo or tap Upload a New Photo.
Next to Switch back to previous profile picture in, select a time frame for your new profile picture.
Tap Set as Profile Picture when you’re ready to post your new profile picture.

Note: Your profile picture is always public. Once a profile picture expires, it will still be visible in your profile pictures album.

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