How to backup your Realme smartphone

How to backup your Realme smartphone

Realme which was founded in May 2018, has established itself as a smartphone brand offering devices with both a strong performance and a trendy design in the broad context of e-commerce.

Realme products won wide recognition for their “Power” and “Style” immediately after the launch. In India, realme created a sales miracle by selling 1 million mobile phones within 3 days during Diwali. Realme also broke the sales record on Lazada in Southeast Asia, and became the No. 1 brand in the mobile phone category of this platform.

Realme has entered the markets of more than 18 countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. In May 2019, they’ve launched in the Europe regions. Realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylish design, sincere services and exploring more possibilities for smartphones.

To all Realme smartphones user below are few and easy steps to backup your Realme phone.

How to back up your Realme smartphone

To backup your Realme snartphone;

  • Go to [Settings]
  • Click [Additional Settings]
  • Click Back up and reset
  • Create New Backup
  • Select the data to be backed up and get started

This backup will be stored in a date-named folder on phone storage. [DCIM] folder contains your photos and screenshots. Pictures downloaded from APPs are saved in [Pictures/Photo]. [Movies], [Music] and [Pictures] folders contain your videos, audio, and pictures respectively.

Connect your phone to your computer, copy what you need to your computer. Or via Clone Phone, you can quickly transfer all data from one smartphone to another one phone as data backup.

  1. Settings and paths might differ from those of your phone.
  2. After the backup is complete, copy and transfer your data again as an alternate backup to prevent data loss or damage.
  3. To support the whole backup process to complete, make sure the battery level of realme smartphone is over 50% and don’t turn off or restart your phone during the backup process.
  4. Backups will be erased when you flash the phone, wipe data or reset realme phone to factory settings.

Minimize Screen Damage

Realme recommended the original phone case and screen protector to provide double protect to your Realme phone.

Original phone cases are produced with molds built with Realme phone, and tested with Realme phone as well. All this makes sure that every hole site of key and port minutely. Realme phone case can provide strong protection to your phone.After testing for thousands of times,evidence shows that original phone case can minimize the damage caused by fall, shock, liquid invasion, dust invasion.

Realme phone is also equipped with an original HD clear screen protector. It perfectly fits the angles and radians of the screen without blocking the camera or the light sensor,ensures high-definition and sensitiveness of screen. Besides that,it can also minimize the probability of screen scratch or damage in case the phone falls.

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