How to Calculate Your Intellectual Quotient

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It is not uncommon today to hear or read about news regarding scientific research and research on the human IQ . According to the most well-known theories, in fact, the propensity to atheism, the inclination to be vegetarian or even the possibility of having a heart attack would seem to depend on IQ! But, as often happens with commonly used concepts, it has not yet been understood what it really is. Normally, the IQ or IQ is given by the relationship between the chronological age and the mental age of a human being. But now let’s see what are the “official” calculation methods and the various tests that reveal the total score.

Calculation of the IQ

To calculate the IQ you must first establish your mental age  through special tests (also called scales), such as the Wechsler-Bellevue . The result obtained must be divided by the chronological age and multiplied by 100. This means that, for example, a 6-year-old child able to think like the majority of his peers will have a score of 100 (6: 6 = 1 , 1 x 100 = 100). If, on the other hand, his abilities are those of an older child, say 9 years old, the IQ will be higher: in this case, 133 (8: 6 = 1.33, 1.33 x 100 = 133).


It being understood that various factors (hereditary, environmental, family) contribute to determining the IQ, it is officially expressed with a score obtained through one of the many tests developed by scientists. From these, we can extrapolate some score bands that indicate the level of intelligence of the person. However, keep in mind that these results are not absolute truths, but only general indications. The official scores that express the IQ are:

  • 130-139 = significantly higher intelligence
  • 120-129 = higher intelligence
  • 110-119 = brilliant intelligence
  • 90-109 = normal intelligence
  • <89 = intelligence below the norm

Online Test

Online we can find many tests to measure the IQ, but only a few are considered “reliable” by the scientific community. The international Mensa association (which does not admit members with IQs below 148!) Uses the Cattell test , consisting of 33 quizzes with increasing difficulty. There are also sites that allow you to take “unofficial” tests for free, which are less precise than scientific standards, but which, however, allow you to get an idea of ​​your IQ. First of all the IQ Test , considered perhaps the most reliable among the unofficial ones, where the user will have 40 minutes to solve 39 multiple choice questions. Another very valid test is the one made available by the site, in which you will have 15 minutes to solve 33 questions.


Beyond the tests and scores, it has often been shown that human intelligence is not a totally innate thing. By exercising short-term memory, in fact, anyone can improve what is defined as fluid intelligence, that is, the one that allows you to solve everyday problems but which is destined to diminish over the years. My advice is therefore to always keep your mind in training and practice through puzzle quizzes or crosswords which, in addition to being fun, help us develop our cognitive skills.

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