How to Change Operator Without Changing Your Phone Number

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Sometimes the operator imposes such conditions that the light would run from them behind the eyes. But for this it was necessary to change the number. Now the cherished numbers remain intact. Using the example of TOP 5 operators, we will analyze how to change it while keeping the number in Ukraine.

What is MNP (Mobile Number Portability)?

MNP – the ability to leave the number, replacing the telecom provider that serves it. If the user is not satisfied with the choice – you need to fill out a standard form on the operator’s website or in his company store in order to get rid of the shackles of the previous tariff. The operator code (068, 093, 050, etc.) and the number itself remains the same, but another company serves it.

This service helped to overcome the operator’s “monopoly”. After all, if earlier a person wanted to leave for another, he had to change the number. And, consequently, he had to change the financial number in the bank, enter new information on sites, subscriptions and change the data of discount cards. One torment!

Now you can forget about it. And all thanks to the MNP service, which exists in 90 countries around the world. True, you will have to change the company in the same country where the SIM card is from.

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How to use the service of changing the operator without losing the number

Manipulations are standard for all operators, only the names of sites and brand outlets of companies are changed. There are four points to be observed:

  1. Register the number with the current communication representative.
  2. Fill out an application through an application on a smartphone , a website on a laptop or at a point of sale of a future operator.
  3. Wait for the company of your choice to create a sim card. This takes several days (up to 30 workers are allowed by law).
  4. Pick up a ready-made SIM card. It should be borne in mind that communication failures are possible for the first 3 hours after activation. The sim card is issued in micro-sim format, which you can make yourself nano. But if this is not the case, you can always use pruning services .

Do not rush to throw out the old SIM card. Sometimes the operator can reject the application. The main reasons are summarized in the table

Cause What to do
Number not registered Write to the operator in the chat or call him and deal with the registration delays
Invalid data in the transfer request You will have to go to the point of sale again and double-check each item. It is better to take with you the original document that is used for registration – so as not to confuse anything.
The number is already registered for another person Someone got ahead and designed this number for themselves. You will have to deal with this person (if he is familiar) or take another number
The number is blocked or access is lost The operator does not provide services to this number. You should call or write to him, find out the reason and how to deal with it. It is often enough to replenish the mobile phone
Application already submitted You need to wait for an SMS confirmation about the number transfer
Recently there was a last transfer To reduce the likelihood of fraud, operators have introduced a similar limitation of 30 days from the date of activation in a new network.

To register offline, you need a passport, ID card, driver’s license, migrant card to choose from. For long-distance sailors from other countries, even a sailor’s certificate is suitable.

For those who are used to solving issues online, it is enough to use a digital signature (EDS). Then the registration of the number goes through an e-signature – no additional data needs to be specified. All PrivatBank clients have an electronic signature by default. It can also be obtained through the “Diya” service, tax service or through key certification centers (ACSK).

There is no need to worry that loved ones will spend “minutes” communicating with you on their mobile phone without knowing it. As soon as the user changes the operator without losing the number, when making a call, the operator of your choice will notify all callers with a message in the style of “Number transferred to such an operator”. But if you want to double-check, you can use the USSD-combination * 181 * the number of interest #. It will look like this * 181 * 380XX0001122 # or through the operator’s website / application.

You do not need to notify your bank and other institutions where the phone number acts as a login . Also, it will not affect the provision of other services – the number remains the same.

When replenishing your account through the machine, you need to choose a new service operator. Replenishment through online banking occurs as usual – the number is entered, the amount and money “flew”.


The transition takes place in a standard way: registration, application, receipt of a physical card and transfer. Only after that the user chooses a tariff plan.

If you do not want to go to the store of the operator Life to fill out a paper application, you need to go to the site


The whole process is similar. To resolve the issue online, just go to the site Then you will need to enter your number and the transition will begin.


It is extremely easy to change your operator without changing the number to Vodafone, the procedure is similar to the methods above. You can become a new subscriber on the operator’s website in the “Go to Vodafone” section. He will not be transferred to a separate site for “referral”, everything takes place on the same web address.


A large subsidiary operator of Ukrtelecom bribes with budget tariffs. It is more convenient to go to it through the website or by phone number 0 800 50 1188.

There is only one physical point where number registration can be carried out – in Kiev on McCain Street. Residents of other cities have only a remote transition and wait for the card by mail.


To become its subscriber, you need to visit the nearest Intercom office or go to the official website in the “Services” section and select “Number portability”. Then the process remains the same as with other companies.

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How to change the operator and keep the number for contract subscribers?

For contractors, everything is even easier. They are already registered in the system, which means that it is enough for a person to submit an application and “it’s in the bag”. You just need to remember that the balance and paid months remain with the old company.

To get back what you spent, you need to do the following:

  • Call or write a chat bot to your former operator, explaining your situation
  • The support service will issue a refund application form.
  • Fill out this form and enter your details – number and bank card.
  • Send this information to the former operator.
  • Wait several days (up to a week, sometimes up to 30 working days) until the money arrives at the desired account.

So to the question whether it is possible to change the operator without changing the number, we answer – yes! How exactly this is done – now in the know!

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